Monday, July 2, 2007

A big fat blog about big fat nothing.

There's not a whole lot to report on. Not much happened this weekend. Saturday we just sort of hung around the house all day. Adrien napped from 12-3:30pm as usual, and that sort of cuts our day in half. So the morning was spent waiting for him to nap and the early afternoon was spent letting him nap. My husband finally got a chance to mow our yard (between Friday night and Saturday)..the rain finally let up enough. I'm pretty sure it has been a good three weeks since the last time our yard was mowed. It was looking mighty bushy. The grass was so monstrous that our lawn mower could hardly make the trip across our lawn without wanting to die. Now there are six bags of wet, mildewed grass in our garage awaiting pick up from the waste collection service. Our garage smells hideous.

Saturday afternoon we went to the duck park. My husband's such a wanker -- we only walked around the pond once and he was ready to leave.

Sunday we went to church and then waited for Adrien to take his 3 1/2 hour midday nap. My husband and I watched the Nascar race (well he did, mainly) and I took a nap. Yay for napping. So the whole day was pretty uneventful.

Adrien's currently taking his midday nap and I'm left to my own devices. I could clean, but I don't really like to do that in my spare time. I feel like nap time is my time. There seems to be a marathon of Little People, Big World on....I'm really hooked on that show (It comes on TLC). I have a ton of laundry I could be folding. My husband felt entitled to wash most of our laundry this weekend, but not to fold any of it. I hate folding laundry. I think he's leaving it to see if I will fold it. I sincerely abhor laundry folding.

We went to the duck park earlier, and there's not much more to report on than there was the other day. I was accosted by at least a dozen ducks, a dozen pigeons, two geese and some finches upon leaving the park. I was packing Adrien back into the car and they all seemed to congregate around me. I assume they were waiting for some stale bread or something....I felt a little bad that I had nothing to feed them, but then I was sad that they'd come to rely on humans to feed them things they shouldn't be eating in the first place. That reminds me: I wanted to scream at the park authorities (or whatever idiot was responsible) when I saw some of the tiny ducklings pecking at a cigarette butt this morning. I can't imagine how horrid the tobacco must be for them. The little cove these duckies stay in was horribly polluted today. It really makes me sad. Isn't it the city's job to keep it clean? And what moron would throw their cigarette into the pond in the first place?!?!

Other things that bother me today include the fact that I had to close my blinds because my neighbors were outside mowing their yard. I know they can see straight into my house when my blinds are up. I hate that we live so close together, although as suburban neighborhoods go in Dallas, I don't have it half bad. The houses in our neighborhood are a great deal farther apart than they are in most other neighborhoods around here. It just feels a bit like an invasion of privacy in a way. I don't want them to see my living room floor littered with toys. I don't want them to see me camped out on the computer or on the couch napping for the 3 hours Adrien will be asleep. I just genuinely dislike that they can see the goings on in my house.

However, at least those neighbors are compelled to mow their own lawn. My other neighbors pay a service to do it weekly. Every single week on Thursday mornings, my husband and I are awoken at 6:45 or 7am by their lawn service. I really think they're the laziest people on earth. Their yard is not that big. Couldn't the guy manage to mow it himself? I guess it's too much work. But it really ticks me off to be woken up so early by either a lawn mower, weedeater, or a leaf blower. That was one reason we moved out of an apartment complex! Oh well, I guess they have the money to keep their little topiaries perfectly ball-like.

In other news around here, apparently an 18-wheeler blew up on the interstate that is about a football field's length away from my neighborhood at 12:30am this morning. I heard nothing. Man, I must have been sleeping good. (The driver was not injured, by the way) But honestly, how does one sleep through something like that?


Kelly said...

That is just so nasty..why can't people just throw away the butts instead of flicking them where ever.
Thats gross.
(btw...didn't know about the marathon of Little People,Big World...thanks for mentioning that one.)
Have you ever been to San Diego?