Friday, July 27, 2007


I am so effin' tired. And I'm in such an effin' bad mood. I hate effin' everybody.

Seriously. There's a new woman in our play group who showed up at the pot luck today. Guess what? She's pregnant. She was introduced as "This is Ashley -- she's due in November!" Everyone was like "OHHHH Congrats." BARF. Go the eff' away.

I stubbed my toe on the fridge at the pot luck today and screamed fuckin' A at the top of my lungs. I mean, seriously. I do have a potty mouth. I wanted to punch multiple children at the pot luck today. They were pissin' me the eff' off.

When asked to vote for my favorite dish today at the pot luck, I said "I didn't really like anything. I vote for my pie." My effin' pie didn't win, dammit. Oh well, I knew it wouldn't. The winning dish wasn't tasty, and in my honest opinion didn't taste at all. It had zero flavor. The same person that made the winning dish (some sort of tortellini crap) also made a banana pudding. The supposed "banana pudding" had no bananas and no cool whip. How the eff' do you make banana pudding with no bananas? I mean, that's blasphemy.

I dunno. I'm just tired and cranky and my camera is out of batteries currently so I can't upload my apple pie pictures.

Oh, and I have one other thing to say: The mom with the child previously referred to as a "whiney little bitch" in one of my previous bitchy blogs was there. She always insists on talking to me, and I always insist on moving as far away from her as possible. She always finds me. Get a clue! Anyway, whenever the little girl would start whining her mom would go "want a cookie?" Ya, that's a great way to get your kid to eat healthier and stop being so obnoxious. Offer them cookies for being whiney. It's exactly what they need. It does a body good.

Anyway, I think Adrien might be awake. He's napped awfully so far today. I already had to rock him back to sleep once, and just a few minutes ago I heard some noises emerging from his room. They've stopped, and I haven't heard anything else, so I hope he's asleep. Oh well, unless I hear some more, he's going to be stranded in his crib.

My house is also a mess, but I have zero motivation to clean it.

Maybe I'll actually blog about something worthwhile later.