Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy Spider

Adrien kept asking to go outside yesterday, and it was -- of course -- raining so I couldn't allow him to. After all the talk of 3 hour naps in my blog yesterday, it served me right for him to only sleep a good hour and forty-five minutes. Needless to say, he became quite cranky when I wouldn't allow him to go outside. So we compromised. I thought I would hold him and we could open the front door and look out. I saw a tarantula sitting perched on the back side of a pole that holds up on the awning to my front door. Spiders truly creep me out. I slammed the door and retreated back inside...The door safely between me and the icky fuzzy HUGE spider. I googled "texas spiders" and came up with a list (with photos) from Texas A&M University's entomology department. I could hardly bare to the look at the pictures. Although they list tarantulas as living in Texas, I didn't see a picture or description of one like I saw. They list the run of the mill black to brown ones, but did not like any black and orange ones. The one I saw (although I saw it only briefly) was clearly brightly marked. I wonder if someone's pet got out. (BTW, this pic is of a Mexican Redknee Tarantula I found on GoogleImages. The page this pic is from states that this is a picture of their pet. I do live close enough to Mexico though. I wonder how many miles that is in spider miles?)

I know it's horrible, and very anti-reincarnation, but I was going to bug-spray the beast. I really do not want it getting into the house because I think I may faint if I were to see it creep around. And knowing Adrien, he'd be chasing it around; or even worse yet, gnawing on it. So I got out the bug spray and opened the front door, but it was gone. I really do hope it doesn't turn up inside.

So, due to my little arachnid encounter, I had dreams of spiders all night long. It really did ruin my otherwise good night's sleep.

I remember when I was in high school, I dreamed of a huge spider one night. I dreamed that a large spider with a bulbous abdomen was attempting to crawl over me but I kept wiping it away...it kept trying and trying. When I was getting ready for school that morning, I moved a pile of dirty laundry to find the spider I'd dreamed of run out from underneath the dirty clothes. I wanted to climb the walls to get away from it. I smashed it with the bottom side of my trash bin. OHHHH SO SCARY! And to think, It probably was crawling on me all night. (I mean, it was seriously a good 2 inches long from tip to end.

Spiders really give me the heebie jeebies.

Anyway, we went to the mall for a playdate this morning. We needed a boat to get there though. (Not literally) It was pouring. I waited for it to let up at home before we left. It didn't matter because it was really coming down at the mall. All in all it was pretty fun. I had boiled eggs for lunch with some grapes and Adrien had a PB&J with some raisins (and of course some of my boiled egg). The food from the food court smelled soooooooo tempting. I was really wishing I could get some Sbarro...MAN the pizza smelled great. But, I am determined not to gain 60 pounds with this baby. Yes, you heard me. I gained 60 pounds with Adrien. I was a bit underweight when I got pregnant though -- so I think it's typical. I'm at a normal weight now. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having a bit more meat on my bones haha. But NOT 60 pounds of meat.

We are heading out to the in-laws today. They're having an Independence Day bash, and we thought it would be nice to go down tonight, as opposed to driving and returning in the same day. It is, after all, a two hour drive. I will take some pics to share!

Head over to my photo blog to see some awesome sunset pics I took yesterday. I really amaze myself with a camera! LOL, I'm just kidding...not really. Okay, a little.

Well, there are quite a few showings of Miami Ink on today, so I'm gonna go back to the TV before Adrien wakes up.

I hope all of you have a happy Fourth!


Kelly said...

Damn..a post about spiders...
I can't muster up any words than..


(I dipise spiders..ever since we found the oh so lovely black widow in the house last summer) Justin actually caught it and Lily wanted to keep it as a pet. So he put it in this bug catching container with a magnifing glass on top(as if anyone would actually want to see the archnid larger)..and they both named it Fang. WTF?? He even caught some crickets outside and fed the damn thing. It was a visitor here for about a week. Finally had to be booted when she was makinging a huge ass egg sac. *Shudder*
I so feel your pain.

Missy said...

Holy wow! We do not have spiders like that here- except in pet shops and zoos. I enjoy not being greeted by hairy spiders. I could have disposed of it too!

Missy said...

PS: thought you might enjoy this post by a friend of a friend: http://uppoppedafox.com/

Kelly said...

Umm..I am having withdrawls...you haven't posted in like forever! I know you are with child and all, but sheesh, think of your loyal readers..Give us something! haha JK
Jope you and yours are happy and healthy.:)