Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mystery Solved

So here are some pictures of the big bouquet of flowers I got yesterday. My mommy group sent them to me with a card that some of the moms had signed at a previous play date that I didn't attend. Of course, it was from "everyone" even though not all were present to sign at the time. The flowers are so pretty! I really love the smell they're giving off. It's awesome. I am surprised (although I shouldn't be) that they would think to send them to me. The main organizer (the starter of the group) says they all "love" me. I think it's a sweet gesture. All but one of the lilies were closed when the bouquet was delivered yesterday. Now they're all open (at least a smidge). Every time I go into the kitchen, it seems like they're open a little more. Anyway, go over to i smell poop to see more pics. I went a little camera crazy with the bouquet.

Adrien and I ventured to the grocery store earlier to get the stuff to make my Mile High Apple Freakin' Pie. [This pie is for the Christmas in July Toy Exchange play date tomorrow] I was going to be tres adventurous and buy the stuff to make home made pie crusts as well, but I didn't realize the cost of real butter was so much. It came out to be cheaper (and less of a pain in the arse) to get the Pillsbury ready-made crusts. I did, however, indulge in a glass pie pan. I have a very old vintage metal one, but generally I just buy the wobbly tin ones when I'm going to bake a pie (mostly for the holidays). It's a Pyrex, and they had it on sale for less than $4. Who can pass that up? Plus, it's more eco-friendly. An added bonus is that I no longer have to worry about my pie pan collapsing under the weight of my enormous apple pies.

I really do not know what to do for the rest of the day. Adrien is currently down for a nap (obviously, or I wouldn't be typing this), but I really am worried about what do when he wakes up...which honestly could be any time now. He's been on a hunger strike the last few days, and doesn't seem interested in eating anything but crackers or puffs. I simply refuse to fill him up on fluff, so until he decides to eat real food, he can do without. He's getting plenty of milk, and I assume when he's hungry enough he'll eat. I think it's a combination of the heat and his two molars emerging. Plus, his grandparents fed him Buddha-knows-what while he was staying there. Andi's Dad proudly announced that for lunch on Tuesday, Adrien had eaten two hot dogs, some apple, green beans, and Cheerios. Later that night he barfed, and low and behold, there was some hot dog. I try not to feed him hot dogs that much. 1. They are a choking hazard, 2. They are full of nitrates, even the all beef ones we buy, 3. They're too much protein. Bad for the kidneys. So anyway, I think he's put himself on a self-detox diet. That's fine by me, as long as he's not actually going hungry.

Adrien has also decided (of late) that he no longer likes to be sat in his high chair or laid on his changing table. That means that he hates for me to change his diaper in the morning -- or at any time -- and then immediately following, he will not allow me put him in his high chair for breakfast -- or any meal -- without a good pouting, crying fit. It's genuinely a battle of wills.

So anyway, here I am (still), wondering what to do with Adrien after he wakes up. It drives me batty to sit here all day, but it's so hot outside. I don't like wasting gas just to go somewhere. Gas is such a limited commodity in this household when it's $3/gallon. I also don't feel like packing up to go anywhere. However, if we are here all day, it's the usual routine of trying to get Adrien to not climb up the couches and onto the bar. He did it this morning and spilled a cup of water. He then went after my coffee, but thank goodness I pulled him back before he tipped that over.

Such a conundrum. What to do? I think this must be the curse of the stay at home mom.


Kelly said...

Beatiful flowers!
Yeah I hear ya on the hot dogs. We have had some from Applegate Farms..they are no nitrates and actually taste like beef,*shocking*
They make many different varieities