Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yay for stretchy waisted pants

Not that I'm "showing" yet, but I made Andi get in the attic and pull down my box of maternity pants yesterday. I have some on right now. I have to say -- I love stretchy waisted pants. I mean, really...they're the best. I know that by the end of the pregnancy you can't wait to get back into normal jeans though. But for now, I am happy with them. I can wear jeans all day and actually be comfortable. The waist band isn't cutting into my post-last-baby jelly belly. (Icky, and TMI, I know.)

So anyway, my Mom is officially on her way back home. Can you believe we didn't argue the entire time? I really can't. All in all, my birthday was pretty uneventful. Tuesday night we (Andi and I) left the house around 7:45pm or so and headed to Burger Street. I'm a cheap date, I guess. And generally I'd ask to go somewhere a little nicer to eat...but I was really craving a good burger. Mostly I was craving the curly fries. I had a burger, curly fries, and a chocolate shake that was so thick it should have been eaten with a spoon. It really was heaven. Then we went to the theater, where we waited three hours for the movie (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) to start. The theater was nice enough to let the ones of us first in line sit down in a theater and wait. I really did not realize there would be so many teenagers there. There was a girl in front of us wearing a shirt that truly made me feel old (and I'm not old at all). Her shirt read "Class of 2010". That just seems unreal to me. We were out of the theater by 2:25am or so. Of all of the Harry movies, it was shorter. It was the best by far my opinion anyway.

The day of my actual birthday (7-11) the only time I ventured out of the house was to go to 7-11 to get a free Slurpee. The cup actually said Squishee on it...paying homage to the Simpsons. When we got to the 7-11, I found out that all the "free" Slurpee cups were gone. I had to pay for mine, but it was worth it. I would have gone for anything cold in my mouth by that time. Why would I have gone for anything cold in my mouth? Well I'll tell you...

Last Sunday I drank some orange juice. That was harmless enough. Well after I drank it I noticed I had a sore on my tongue. I thought it was from the acid in the OJ. A little while later my tongue began to hurt so bad, that my throat felt like it was hurting. Now I have sores all over the inside of my mouth. They hurt like hell. I also have a rash on my hands. It starts as little red dots on my hand and then the dots turn to little red hard spots that hurt when they are touched. I called my OB yesterday and he told me to come in first thing this morning.

He seems truly perplexed by my condition. He took a look at my mouth and said to gargle and rinse with warm salt water. He said there's medicine he could prescribe, but he prefers not to in pregnancy -- and especially not in the first trimester. I'm really against taking anything while pregnant at all, unless absolutely necessary. So I will just wait for it to go away I guess. Meanwhile, it hurts to talk, chew, awake. My mouth and throat just hurt. I've got sores so far back on my tongue that it feels like my throat is on fire. For some reason, eating everything stings.

I didn't enjoy my birthday cake at was too painful to eat. I'm sure it was great though. It was a dark chocolate fudge cake with home made chocolate buttercream icing. My mom insisted on decorating it with some sort of yellow dots on top. I don't know why. But I let her.

Anyway, as for the rash on my hands, my OB said that it was strange. He referred me to a dermatologist. That was sooo much closure. I just have it in my head that this weird rash and my sudden crop of canker sores in my mouth are related some how and I have some strange virus or something. Ick.

Why is it that you don't crave anything healthy (for the most part) while you're pregnant. All I want to eat are french fries, curly fries, waffle fries...anything potatoes. I have also been craving tomato soup. When I was pregnant with Adrien, I wanted Tom Ka soup all the time...and sticky rice. Thai food rocks. Gosh...satay sounds good too. Man, I'm hungry. But I can't eat anything and get pleasure from it right now.

I will post pics of my bday cake and whatnot later.


Kelly said...

Wow, that stinks. I hate those damn canker sores. When ever I have one or a cold sore(I haven't had one for years..knock on wood) I always end up biting my lip, right on the stupid thing.
I wonder what the rash is? Allergic reaction maybe? I wish I was allergic to laundry,dishes,and any sort of cleaning, That would so rock..then Justin would have to do it. Ha,ha.. Well actually it wouldn't be that great, because he wouldn't do it, he doesn't really care about having a clean, orderly home. I, on the other hand am. My mom was a compulsive cleaner. She really did need some sort of treatment now tht I think about it. I mean housework would come before school work in her twisted world. You could lick the floor behind the fridge at my childhood home. Seriously.

Kelly said...

I totally did it. I added some sites..(including yours) Woo Hoo!
I guess a cup of coffee helped. I had one since that last post where I said I had no clue..

Zoƫ said...

hey, I'm 7/11 too!