Monday, July 16, 2007

Flying Stinging Things

These two pictures pretty much say all that needs to be said about Saturday. Adrien fell asleep on the couch watching Bicentennial Man. That is very strange for him. Generally, getting him to take a nap is more than an Act of Congress. He must have been conked out, though. He just dozed off. It was the cutest, funniest thing ever. The other picture is of my husband "stuffing his face" as he says. He was eating ice cream -- out of a tupperware container! We were in really bad need of running the dishwasher. Saturday was such a lazy day. Andi and I took naps while Adrien slept. Before we knew it, it was 7pm.

Sunday, we got up and went to Church as usual. It was the usual rigmarole of trying to get Adrien distracted in the nursery long enough for me to be able to sneak off to Sunday School without a fit or anxiety attack on his end. There was something odd about Sunday though...oh yes. We had a different Pastor. Apparently good ol' Dr. Wilbanks (our usual) was on vacation. His replacement seemed to have everyone in the congregation yawning. His sermon finally picked up mid way through...but I'm afraid it didn't save us from near boredom. It was a good message -- truly it was. But I could have done without all the words being said nearly 30 seconds apart. He was definitely one for that southern drawl thing they talk about. I will be delighted to have Tom (Dr. Wilbanks) back next week.

After Service, we came back home and had to WRESTLE Adrien into nap time. He didn't lay down for his nap until 1:45pm. That is so incredibly late for him. Then we set out to make up for all the things we didn't get accomplished Saturday. We began to weed our landscaping. That was such a chore in itself. We didn't even get half way done. With all the rain lately, grass and weeds have set up shop (thoroughly, if I may add) among the mulch. It was so ridiculously hot. I covered myself in SPF 50 and could still feel the sun scorching my skin. Andi also mowed and weedeated the front and back yards. I am making a strong effort to stay out of the back yard. There are huge black spiders (wolf spider too) back there, and apparently some wasps have made themselves at home inside a hole in one of our fence posts. This post happens to be part of the gate we go in and out of. Andi sprayed them...I hope they don't return. He says he'll have to get some wood puddy. Good riddance. I hate flying stinging things.

Speaking of wolf spiders, there seem to be a huge colony of them in our garage. They're so huge, brown, spooky, and gangley looking. I killed two the other days (huge monsters, I tell you). Andi killed three more Sunday. All in our garage. I realize that these spiders are not harmful to humans (they actually kill other spiders and bugs) but I just can't have those huge big-as-a-Volkswagen spiders lurking about in my garage. Plus, they could get in the house. I would scream and wet myself if that happened. Oh, and yay of yays, I found a dead one (smaller though) by our the baseboards in our living room this morning. I vacuumed it up before Adrien could go pick it up and poke at it. We're infested I tell you.

And now I'm back to the land of the weekday. I hate weekdays. Andi leaves for extended hours during the day (well, no more extended than anyone else's working husband), and I'm left to my own devices with a toddler. I truly do get tired of thinking of things to do. I get sick of play dates. They're all the same, really. And honestly, they cost quite a bit of money if you don't pack your own lunch every time. I do pack our lunches, but that in and of itself is a huge feat. Also, I am getting so incredibly tired of the mall. Adrien has discovered the exit to the play area there and so every opportunity he gets, he runs straight for the exit. It's tons of fun, I tell you. It's entirely too hot (and flying stinging thing infested) to do anything outside. It was already 85 degrees at 9am this morning. No wonder I was sweating all night long last night. Earlier in the summer, I loved to head out to the parks...but now the sun is so hot and the ozone is in full spring (orange alert for today). I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood this morning around 10:30am. I took the short route and got back home ASAP. It was so ridiculously hot outside! I mean, we were only out for 12 minutes, and already Adrien had started to pink up on his little legs, arms, and face. He was cooking faster than a sausage during a barbecue. The entire neighborhood is swarming with wasps. People think it's a great idea to plant those huge flowering bushes right next to the sidewalk. They're magnets for flying stinging things.

Thanks alot, people, for planting those flying stinging thing meccas.