Friday, June 29, 2007

Hurry! Before the sky falls!

It was sunny this morning. I'm assuming we'll be getting more rain later since there's some sort of tropical depression camped out over the DFW Metroplex. So Adrien and I took advantage of the sun and headed out of the house to the park.

It's been a while since we've been to the park...being as it's been raining for a month of Sundays (I'm sorry, is that a southern saying?). Anyway, not much has changed except the ducks. Within the past month or two there have been two sets of ducklings born. They get bigger and bigger every time I see them. The oldest set must have truly gotten much larger because I think they now blend in with the full grown ducks. There was a new set too. A mother duck was waddling around with about 15 or so teeny tiny chicks. Some were solid yellow. Some were yellow with brown spots. They were all absolutely adorable! It was so cute to see them all follow each other around. Ducklings have that haphazard way of spreading out their little wing nubs for balance as they teeter over the rocks with their tiny webbed feet. So adorable.

I also saw, upon immediate arrival at the park, an obese pigeon. I wish I could have taken a picture to show you, but I found that my camera was out of batteries before we left to go the park this morning. Since I have no picture, I will borrow some from somewhere and leave it up to your imagination. I'm sure you've seen an obese pigeon before...haven't you? It looked a lot like a cross of an elephant seal and a pigeon. Like this:


Imagine the neck of the seal on the pigeon.

While at the park, I also saw a very large man that was perched atop a teeny tiny chair while fishing -- he was listening to smooth jazz. Adrien thought the man was amusing and so he smiled and waved at him. The man seemed delighted. I'm glad we made his day.

It was also molting season for the ducks. There were little ducky feathers everywhere and all the ducks (most of them) looked very disheveled...most of them looked like they had mohawks. Also, I would like to add, that there may well be a new group of ducklings hatching within the next few months...I'm not quite sure what the gestational period for ducks is, but there were definitely two ducks goin' at it in the middle of the park today. There was a grandfather and grandson fishing nearby and the grandfather looked very distraught that there were two ducks mating in front of his grandson's eyes. I think he was more afraid his grandson may ask what the ducks were doing...

"The ducks are wrestling..."


Missy said...

I would be please with a cute wave and a smile too! Glad you got soe sun.

Kelly said...

I have seen one of those before, it looked so freaky, like it was genetically modified. There was countless rolls in the neck area, and the damn thing could barely was doing its hardest to waddle. *Shudder*
Love your blog btw! :)

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