Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quick Post

Adrien has taken to falling asleep on the couch watching T.V. lately. I really don't like this habit, however, I am glad I am not having to rock him to sleep much any more. It's sort of hell to have to wait for him to get quiet enough and still enough on the couch to fall asleep on his own. Our attempts to rock him to sleep with the lullaby CD last night were fleeting, and he kept crying and crying. So finally we brought back to the living room. He perched himself on the couch and started watching Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations with us. I noticed it was awfully quiet and I glanced over to see this. Andi and I could hardly stop laughing long enough to take this picture. Milk cup in hand, he was out cold. Soooo cute. Too hilarious. I feel like a bad mom though, for letting him like TV that much. Oh well. I think it's just that it catches his attention long enough to make him forget he's trying to fight sleep. Whatever works. I mean, he didn't sleep through the night until he was a year old. I'll get him to sleep any way I can. Honestly.

We went to the sprinkler park today. Adrien loved it. He thought it was great fun! I just wish there hadn't been so many kids there. It should be better soon when kids go back to the school. There was some kid there who's mom was too much of an idiot to bring a swim diaper. The poor little fat kid was waddling around in a pull-up in all the water. I could see it starting to get saggier and saggier. The next thing I saw with a pile of the silica gel spread amongst the sprinklers. I am so glad I saw it so I could keep Adrien from eating it. Ick.

Friday we have a play date that is a Christmas in July Toy Exchange. That means I get to pack up my least favorite most annoying toy, wrap it up all pretty and let some other Mom release the hell that is this bilingual drum. I hate this toy. I don't really care if Adrien learns Spanish when he's 2. Really, I don't. We won't get into that though. I just hope we don't get something worse in return for that hellish fiesta drum. Anyway, I'm planning to take my famous apple pie. I better win the freakin best dish prize this time. I've never won, and I'm more than pretty sure I'm the best cook in our group. How much does that stink?

Andi was able to get the company he works for to counter offer the offer he got from the insurance company. Yay for him! Yay for more money! Hopefully it will be enough to help us out. We'll see.

Other than that, I've recently discovered that I'm recieving flowers from someone. I just got a call on the cellular from some Flowerbasket asking if I'd be home for a delivery within the next 45 minutes to an hour for a delivery. You bet your bottom dollar I will be. I hope this isn't like the build your own bouquet Andi got me for Valentine's a few years back from How much does it stink to have to arrange your own rose bouquet? I mean, complete with thorns. Nothing says I love you like that. I wonder who the flowers are from? Oh well. I will let all know later -- as I find out.

Well that's just about it for now.

Oh, and there were huge explosions in downtown Dallas this morning. Never a dull day around here.


Kelly said...

OH my god, that is adorable! I posted one of Jack doing the same thing, but he ended up falling over and holding his cheeks.
Yay for flowers..thats great.
Christmas in July, wow..thats a good idea to exchange toys..what a great way to get rid of those obnoxious toys people give give our children. Jack had the LeapFrog Learn and Grove Table and it would go off and start playing jazz in the middle of the night. Scare the crap out of us! I swear it was possessed!

The Eckerts said...

Samuel has that same drum! I was one second from bringing to to goodwill the second someone gave it to him, but then I saw how much he loved it! Why do they like the most annoying things ever invented!?

Missy said...

Oh man, so cute. My niece insisted on falling asleep on the couch like that until she was 5, and then she was so proud of herself for falling asleep in her bed. She is still a healthy and thriving little girl.

I never igve anyone noisy toys for their kids...I hope I get that karma back someday! And I hope people take note of that for when I have kids. I should start reminding them now maybe...