Friday, August 31, 2007

Baby brain

Okay, so I admit it -- my memory sucks; occasionally. Okay, a lot. I have baby brain...or at least that's what I blame it on. But Adrien's been sleeping through the night now for quite a few months. So can I honestly still use that as an excuse. Of course I can!

This morning around 10:15ish I decided it was high time to make my way to the store for baby wipes. I had -- amazingly enough -- made it through the morning without Adrien pooping. That was a good thing since we were out of wipes. I had them all rationed out until pay day -- 3 wipes for one poop per day, and we'd use wash cloths and lots of powder otherwise for any wets that may occur. My 3 wipe a day rationing system was completely debunked when he pooped three times yesterday. Three times. Must be all the beans; we've eaten them at nearly every meal (save breakfast) since I cooked them the other day. Waste not, want not. So, needless to say, at 10am after breakfast and snack time were both settled, I bolted at my moment to make it to the store and back before his bowel movement came and I was forced to use wet paper towels.

Wet paper towels chafe.

I plunked Adrien and Monkey in the car seat, got my keys, pulled my sunglasses down, backed up; and here came Aunt Shirley. She haphazardly waved me down as I was backing out of my garage and had sort of a puzzled look on her face. I had a puzzled look on my face too, I'm sure. My memory jolted back to my conversation with her a few days ago ("So is 10:30 Friday okay?") and I looked at the clock -- 10:16. I rolled down the window, smiled, and said, "Ohmigoodness! I thought I could go to the store and get back before you got here. Look at you, you're early!" So I told her to jump in. We were, after all, racing against the bowels of a 16 month old.

The truth? I'd forgotten about Aunt Shirley. The horror.

Aunt Shirley is not an aunt at all...rather Andi's second cousin, I believe. But the day went on as planned, and Shirley even joined Adrien and I for lunch with Andi and two of his co-workers at Fuddrucker's. Adrien still hasn't pooped.

I can't believe I forgot. Oh yes I can -- I've got baby brain, remember?

And so there's not much else going on. Andi gets off early today, and it is a three day weekend. Then we get vacation the week after next (I can't wait!). I've got some great ideas for my new blog. I think I'll jump start it with some good ol' fashioned camp-fire cuisine. Maybe with some survival food thrown in (New Survivorman tonight!). Since we're heading out to Arkansas for vacation soon, I figure I can safely go that route. It'll give me ample time for research and then I can emerge from the wilderness with pictures and tales of campfire creations galore. Yum, yum. I can hardly wait! I really do need to secure my URL for it. Something good. Something hearty.

I will update with the link to the site. [Now updated] Visit The Curious Culinarian.

Currently accepting applications for co-contributors! Email me and let me know!