Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nothing Exciting

Nothing really exciting going on here. I haven't done much the past few days. There was a "family night" that turned out to be "two family night" yesterday evening. We had originally planned to go Joe's Crabshack, since they were supposedly offering 99 cent kid's meals on Tuesday nights. Also, their playground is great and it's a fun atmosphere. Anyway, the organizer called to see if we'd need a reservation for -- what was supposed to be -- approximately 24 adults plus at least 12 kids. She also asked about the 99 cent meals. Guess what? They are no more. They stopped them in July but informed no one, apparently. When asked what the manager could do to accomodate us since we had such a large group expecting the 99 cent meals, he replied with a "What do you want me to do?" attitude. Needless to say, since the guy was such an ass, we decided to change our plans rather last minute. Well, 3 hours before the event. That should be enough time, right? An email was even sent out. We figured Chik-Fil-A would be the next best thing because they actually have free kid's meals on Tuesday nights plus a craft and play area. Three hours later, the event had dropped to only a few "yes" RSVPs, and only two of us showed up -- the organizer and I. Well, someone else went, but they did so blindly without checking the site first...or their email. She had gone to Joe's anyway and reserved a table for 20 people..and sat there...and sat there...and finally ate...and left. Then she returned home and posted a thread on our playgroup's message board entitled "So Joe Blows" or some such nonsense. She said something about not realizing she needed to check the board 20 minutes before leaving for last minute changes. Well, guess what, we're sorry! We really tried to do what was best for our group. I guess you can not make everyone happy. I understand her frustration...but really. Don't inform the entire group that we suck at organizing and ruined your evening. Tell us that directly -- please?

Speaking of understanding other's unhappiness, I think I may have rained on my husband's parade this morning...when I said I didn't feel like having sex with him. I mean, he really had a sad look on his face haha. I'm sorry, honey, but you can't expect to wake me up from a dead sleep and expect me to wanna go right at it when I haven't had any coffee...not to mention the fact that I know it's going to be a quickie because you're actually supposed to be leaving for work in ten minutes! I know that the frumpy night shirt I'm wearing may not bother you, but it really does nothing for me...and neither do either of our morning breaths. So, yes, sweetie -- I know you like morning sex...but start the touchy-feely in the p.m. and you might get better results. I understand your pain, I really do; Understand my need for caffeine and lingerie.

Adrien and I have been playing outside in the back yard quite a bit the last few days. He plays with the water hose, stomps through his baby pool, and eats dirt while I sunbathe.

I wonder if that small, low-flying plane overhead can tell that I'm topless...

Andi and I are trying to get together our plans for his upcoming vacation. I think we've decided on heading out do some camping in Arkansas. I can't wait. We've never gone camping together before. We're planning on doing some hiking, kayaking, site-seeing, and general touristy things. I can't wait to get to cook over the camp fire. I'm already planning out my campfire cuisine. Yum.

Making bitchy headlines of the year is -- drumroll! -- my sister in law; AGAIN! Imagine that. She changed her myspace name from "I'M PREGNANT" to "Pray for a healthy baby!" What a bimbo. She is either, 1) dumb enough not to realize this might bother my husband and I, or 2) she realizes it and doesn't care, or 3) She did it just to rub it in my face that she's having a healthy child and can shoot kids out of her vagina like popcorn from a movie theater. I dunno, in any event, Andi finally allowed me to message her and ask to her to please change her name. I think I was nice enough in the message. I even said please. I'm about 5 seconds from hitting "delete from friends" because I see that she's logged on today -- she even went as far as to send out a few of those stupid chain bulletins -- but her name remains the same...and she didn't even reply to me to inform me she would be keeping her thoughtless display name.

Well I'm off to forage for some food in my barren kitchen. Then maybe some solo sunbathing. Cha Cha Cha.


Kelly said...

Cooking in the campfire..that rocks..I just watched this 'cowboy cookoff' thingy on Foodnetwork..have you seen it? All these cowboy dudes have only a few select ingredients and can only use the campfire as the cooking method. Some chic made some biscuits that looked insanely good, then she topped them with some cinnamon and brown I guess they were 'sticky buns'
Haha thats funny about the am hump hubby wakes me up in the middle of the freaking night..2 nights ago for example was at 1:30am..WTF?! Hes rearing to go..and I am like a zombie.