Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I need a nap, but what's the point? I turned on the TV and there's nothing worthy of falling asleep too. In any event, by the time I fell asleep, I'd be even more exhausted when I was forced to get up with Adrien. Coffee, I hear ya' callin'...

We went to the mall today. It was fun, as usual. However, the food court was hot as hell. I saw my friend Amber - HEY! - for the first time in for-freakin-ever. That was cool. We just walked around the mall for a while. She was shopping for an outfit for our upcoming mom's night out. I was just window shopping haha!

I've got a ton of "work" to do today for my Mary Kay business, but can't seem to make myself do any of it. I'm supposed to sell $50 today (it's part of a "challenge" I'm participating in) but I don't see how that's going to happen! I'm also supposed to come up with an affirmation to say to myself, in order to boost my confidence. I definitely need a boost in confidence. I just wish I could find it in me (or just find the energy, rather) to get up an hour or two before Adrien so that I had time to clear my head and drink coffee in the morning. I would (in theory) find time to do a little meditation (not the ooooom type) of the quiet time sort. Yoga would be nice -- but let's get real.

Let's *really get real: I won't find the energy.

I really need to detox. I feel like my body is full of pollutants, preservatives; crap in general. I wish I could find a good detox diet that doesn't make you survive on fish broth and cabbage for months on end. Anyone know of any?

I wish I were rich: I'd head out to one of those fancy new fangled mountain resorts and rid my body of evil commercially produced free-radicals.

All of this, and yet I still sit here drinking coffee. Caffeine must be evil...but it's so amazing! Haha.

Once again, this is all I can post.

Enjoy my love muffin recipe! I made them for a pot luck yesterday. I think they taste great. I hope you do too!


Kelly said...

I so hear you on the detox. I feel the same. Why does macaroni and cheese have to be so unhealthy?? Why?? Not to mention the creme brule creamer that I put in my coffee...
And why are all those fancy spas so freaking expensive? Have you tried drinking detox tea? I have that periodically..its tasty..you can have it hot or iced. I prefer it iced. It is by Yogi Tea. I so need something..something to help me feel better and not so lethargic all the time. Tried yoga, but as you can read from a previous post..I can't do it because a lame ankle. Its hard to make time for ourselves..we are always mothering and taking care of wifey things.. we loose ourselves in the process..put on the back burner. Sometimes I need to get out and have time to myself..then I come back refreshed and ready to take on anything..Starbucks has been a great helper..haha wow this is such a long post..sorry, I just sorta went off on a tangent..

Kelly said...

oh ya..have you heard of this book? I have it and its nice..maybe you'd like it too..