Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Meager Meals

So I'm feeling slightly better today...sans enormous headache [insert minor one]. Thanks to everyone for your nice commenting. I know I really should see a doctor, but it's such a hassle and I've already got so many bills. I would go to see my internist, but (however great of a doc she may be) she intimidates me. I feel like she ridicules everything I say -- but for the best. I mean, she's just one of those people with a strong presence...and I tend to cower in that presence. As for my OB, well we know the story with him. He's a great doctor as well, but he's I'm sure my suspicion of some rare illness is nothing he feels like investigating. I'm tempted to go to Adrien's doctor. She's an osteopathic family doctor, and we think on the same wavelength. She prefers homeopathy to prescriptions any day and highly recommends not immunizing. She will, however, write prescriptions when it is warranted. I would like to report that since seeing her (starting when Adrien was 9 months old) he's only had one ear infection that cleared up without antibiotics...of course that's not counting the ear infection that prompted me to switch from his original pediatrician in the first place (long story). Prior to seeing her, he'd had 6 ear infections in his short little life. Anyway, I would LOVE to switch to her, however I hate the whole process of going to a new doctor. And even though I'm familiar with her (and I'm sure she'd remember me because of Adrien), I hate the whole filling out medical history, blah blah blah part. I hate it.

Oh yum, we're having pinto beans and corn bread for dinner tonight. I can't wait. I've just started the beans soaking. I love this meal. Meager meals make me happy. A few months back (maybe 2 months) when we visited Andi's Mom, she cooked up some beans she'd purchased from a road-side stand. They were fresh and wonderful. She made corn bread and we feasted on cucumbers in vinegar, fried green tomatoes, and toasted squash. It was amazing. I love those little pulled together meals. Maybe I will make fry bread...I love it. My Mom grew up in the Southwest, so we always had {Navajo} fry bread with beans. I have no vinegar at the moment, or I'd make some pickled onions. But I'll probably just stick to sweet corn bread because my husband loves it...but maybe I will sneak in some fry bread for me. My Mom always made the bread with yeast though. It lends it a slightly chewier consistency. But ya, I find those little meals just dreamy. It always makes me feel as if I'm living on a farm somewhere and just surviving off the land.

Speaking of surviving -- I've become addicted to Survivorman (thanks, Kelly!). Really, I think it's awesome. Some of the situations he comes out of are just crazy! And I know it's a controlled crazy (he's got a back-up rescue team), but it's still astounding nonetheless.

And randomly, the two phrases typed into search engines that bring the most traffic to my blog are:

"red dots on top of mouth and throat"
and, get this:
"allergic to curly fries"
The first one, I get. I have a whole blog about my rash/mouth sore incident. But allergic to curly fries? That one cracks me up. My husband put me on Google Analytics so I can see who/what/where is viewing my blog. I see you, Kansas. Speak up! Leave a comment, dude.

In other blogging gaga, I stumbled upon this blog. Would You Please Date My Friend is a strange, but funny (although possibly offensive to uber-femmes) chronicle at a dating experiment. Seriously, It's like a soap opera/blind date show for the bloghopper. So enjoy!

Other than that, I don't know if I have much to blog about. Boring, I know...but so goes life. Oh -- one last thing. I was thinking earlier, and I believe I had an epiphany of sorts. I don't believe I've done anything to grow further as a person or spiritually in the couple of years. I really don't. That's sort of sad.


Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm beans and cornbread (must be a southern thing) :) Hang in there girl and thanks for stoppping the rain for me! :)

Kelly said...

Oh boy, I love corn bread..I haven't had that in eons~
I wish we could see a holistic practioner..but I don't think Kaiser as anything like that. I will have to shell out a nice chunk of change to see one. I am considering getting some acupuncture done. I bought this book about a year ago called Smart Medicine For A Healthier has every ailment you can think of..and then there is conventional treatments, herbal, treatments, dietary help and homeopathic treatment as well. It has been well used. My copy is totally thrashed. You shoud check it out. Also Family Herbal by Rosemary Gladstar..she totally rocks...

Missy said...

Man, for having nothing to blog about you sure made my day. YUM!

I hope you feel better too!

DMF said...

Looks like you figured out the anonymous comment thing...glad you stumbled upon my silly project...

Best of luck with the motherhood thing!