Saturday, August 11, 2007

Glee Club

You know, I've said before how much mommy groups are like high school. Too bad, they're not exactly like high school. Otherwise you really could just kick someone out you don't care to associate with any more. I guess you could...but there is political correctness to be had. You have to curtail your own desires, put on a smile, and nosh with the best (or worst, that is). Instead of full fledged high school, Mommy groups are more like the glee club: You may not like the person singing next to you, but you sure as hell as have to put on your smile and by golly, the show must go on!

I am an assistant organizer. So does that make me like an assistant principal?

If that's true, then maybe my mommy group is more like high school for me, after all. All I have to do is have a little chat with the principal, and we can remove that one naughty student.