Thursday, August 16, 2007

Muh poom

I've been sooo slackin' from my blog. It's pathetic. Genuinely, I just haven't felt like doing anything. Aunt Flow has come to visit and is wearin' me the crap out. I mean, I go to sleep drained, I wake up even more drained. I took a 2 hour nap yesterday while Adrien was asleep, and I think it had zero effect. I felt just as shitty when I woke up as I did when I layed down. It was nice to sleep though.

I had a mom from the play group come over today. It was great. She has twin boys that are 18 months old, so Adrien actually had someone his own size to play with...yes he's as big as they are! LOL I went to a 2 year old's birthday party not too long ago and he was about the same size as the two year old. He's humongous. Anyway, Adrien and the other two boys had the best time. They all seemed to understand each other's babble and they had this weird sippy cup exchange going. Adrien like their sippies, and they (well one of the twins in particular) LOVED Adrien's take 'n toss. I may have to invest in some of the cups like theirs -- the playtex ones with undersea scenes, etc. Anyway, it was nice to see Adrien play with other kids. At the play dates he's always in a weird in between age group. He's too old to even play with babies a few months younger than he is (for example, he's much more advanced that the 12 month olds), yet he's not big enough to play with the 2 and 3 year olds (although he thinks he's about 2 or 3 anyway). So it was just really great to see him get some social time. It was also great for me to get some social time.

We're having Mom's Night Out tonight and apparently we're going to Blue Goose Cantina for snacks beforehand, and then hitting the club at Zephyr's Patio Lounge. I'm not much for clubbin' but it will be nice to get out. Carmen (the girl who came over earlier) and I are riding together. She said she'll buy me a drink since I'm driving haha! Awesome. Hopefully I'll have fun. I do, however, need some energy first. There's no way I'll be able to be the life of the party if I go out feeling like this tonight! I also need to get my outfit together. My friend Amber (loyal reader of my blog, btw) has made it a rule to have themed dress nights for mom's night outs. Tonight the theme is black and white. I have to get my super hott outfit together haha. I don't wanna be frumpalicious, I wanna be bootylicious!

Anywho...While Adrien was playing with the boys this morning he ran towards the TV for some reason and tripped just before he got to it. He went mouth first into the TV stand. He had blood dripping all down his face. It was running down his arms. He really didn't cry as much as I would have even. He's my little tough guy. A cold rag with a piece of ice and a binky was all it took to get him happy again. He has perfect teeth marks in his bottom lip. Poor little dude. He also needed a little poom time afterward. If you didn't know, which I'm sure you didn't, Adrien has something he affectionately refers to as muh poom. Muh poom simply means "my poom" and by poom he means pillow. It's his lovey. And I have no idea where he got the word "poom" from. Actually, when he says it, it comes out "pehm" but we call it poom. I think it's incredibly cute. He doesn't really have a specific poom, although there are two he favors, it's just pretty much any pillow he comes across. I am sure he will be one of those people with a bed piled high with those fancy pillows when he's older. I think he'd be in heaven if he had a room with just pooms. It could be muh poom room. He would l-o-v-e it I'm sure.

So anyway, I need to go get my outfit together...Then maybe I'll conk out on the couch again.

Did I mention that I love my french press? I'm not sure how much good the caffeine's doing me though. I still have that eyes as dry sponges feeling.


Kelly said...

that is so cute..I love how the kids make up words..
Tonight sounds fun..I am jealous I need to get out too. I didn't go to my weekely coffee date with a friend this week..she was having a bad week, so I didn't get my 'away without kids' time.
I tried that MK eye gel, my neighbor actually had a sample and it was so weird it practically glued my eyelids over and I looked like Droopy..wasn't it suppose to have the opposite affect? lol weird..

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

Hey Ladi!!!!!!! I am sooooooooo sleepy right now w/ only having like 5 hours of sleep. You were 2 cute last night and I hope you had a good time! I must rest so we can do that again next month!

Missy said...

Oh have fun!!!

M=Since we were wee ones, my sister and I have always been very into having pillows around us for comfort and what not.

We both still insist on having one on car trips.