Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Potties and Peaches

Yay! Adrien has hated me changing his diapers, so jokingly I asked him if he needed to go potty on Friday. He knows what is because I always take him with me and say "Let's go potty..." Anyway, he ran to the bathroom. So I was thinking "Oh ya right...but whatever" So I took his diaper off and tried to hold him up to the toilet. He didn't like that. I had given up. So I went to get him a new diaper and when I came back into the bathroom he was pointing at the floor. He had gone potty in the floor LOL. So I was thinking it was a fluke. But about an hour later I thought I'd try again because his diaper was still dry. This time, I put him in the tub so I wouldn't have to clean the floor. I said "Go potty" and he did!!!!

So we've been going potty since Friday evening! And he's only had a few accidents, mostly in the late evening when he's tired or when I forget to take him. He's also pooped in the potty (tub) five times. The first time he pooped, I sat him in the potty chair and he went in there, but hasn't liked it since. I know you probably think I'm crazy for the bath tub thing, but I didn't have a potty chair. My mom bought him one, but he still prefers the tub. The potty chair came with an adapter for the big toilet, so last night I tried that. He liked sitting on the big potty much more than the potty chair. The rest of the chair turns into a step stool. So now we try to sit on the toilet before the tub. So far (which has only been twice), he hasn't actually gone in the toilet -- he still prefers the tub. But he's getting the hang of it! After he goes he claps haha! He knows he's doing something good.

He's also woken up from naps with dry diapers every day since Friday. He still goes in his diaper at night while he's asleep though...but that's to be expected.

I'm so excited! My little boy is getting big too fast...although I have to admit this is a good change!

He even got some "big boy pants"....he got pull ups and "real undies" -- the little Gerber training pants.

I posted about his potty training on a message board I used to frequent for babies born in May '06 and got some negative responses. Someone said he wasn't potty training because any baby would go in the tub if you took their diaper off. Piss off, negative nellies. The fact that he's showing initiative is great in my eyes. And if he stops, he stops...it would be less exhausting for me actually. But he doesn't always go, he just goes when he needs to...and he does take me. If nothing else, this will get him in the habit of going to the potty. Should make things much easier down the road. I actually got an email from the iVillage message board moderators saying that my message was flagged because I was posting to "disrupt" the board. I wasn't...I was just stating facts. Whatever. Childish.

Other than that, my Mom came to town this weekend for another Mary Kay event. She stopped on the way here and bought a peck of roadside pesticide free peaches from Cooper Farms. These peaches are the best! I wish the farm was closer though...so I could buy them all the time. The peaches from the store are never any good and they're never very sweet. So in an attempt to use all the peaches, I decided to make some peach cobbler. The recipe I used will need some modifications next time (I had a feeling it would while I was making it, but kept to the recipe anyway). It still turned out pretty good. It needed way more cinnamon and less liquid. I think next time I may possibly substitute part of the white sugar with brown sugar for a more rich flavor. I took some pictures of it. It smelled wonderful while it was cooking (even though the recommended cook time was stretched out to nearly an hour). Yummy yummy! Adrien also enjoyed the peaches. He LOVES them -- which of course makes his poo WONDERFUL. Ugh. I swear, he can devour a peach in about 15 minutes flat. Here are some pics:

We went to Surf and Swim today. It was a total blast. I think I got a little burned though, I didn't put sunscreen on before we left the house (too busy greasing up my little piglet) and then I left it at home on accident. Adrien had soooooooo much fun there. They have an awesome toddler area as well as a huge wave pool. Obviously we stuck to the toddler area for the most part, but enjoyed it so much. I did too. The $6 admission for me was well worth it and he got in for free since he's so young. I think we'll try to go back -- with Daddy.


Kelly said...

Yay for potty! Thats great. Those other moms are being childish. They are probably just jealous because your babe is young and doing good and actually is interested. Jack has those same undies. He also has Hulk and Spiderman and some Thomas the Tank. They look so freakin' cute in those tighty undies you just wanna squeeze their toosh. Or maybe its just me?!? Anyway..peach cobbler sounds wonderful. You are right the ones at the store are pretty much tasteless. I bought one at the Farmers Market and it was so ripe,juicey and delicious. It actually has been not hot here at all. Weird. I guess its the calm before the storm. Death weather is undoubtly approaching San Diego. Love the pictures Adrien is so adorable!

Missy said...

Have you ever heard of people who do not even have their babies wear diapers? They just "learn their babies cycle".

Here is an example link: