Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I am not Little Miss Muffet. I am not sitting on a tuffet. And I'm not [unfortunately] eating curds and whey. So why does a spider feel need to sit down beside me? I have had it up to *here with these spiders in my house! I had just brought Adrien in from our trip to the mall yesterday and put him down for a nap, when I was standing by the back door and saw something (very fleeting) out of the corner of my eye. I heard a slight puuuh noise as something landed on the floor. I looked down. A huge brown spider. Had I not moved just before (it's my spidey sense), that spider would have sat down beside 'er and landed right on my shoulder. Gosh, can't all the arachnids just stay outside? If they knew what was good for them they would. That little spider that dropped from the ceiling was immediately smashed to bits with my nearby Birkenstock look-alike sandal.

Adrien is driving me bonkers. He's so cranky. He's cutting two molars and on top of it, his nose has been insanely runny for the past few days. I'm not worried about infection, because the nasty mucous hasn't turned colors yet...but still. I'm tired of wiping his nose. He's so darn cantankerous! It took me half the morning today just to get his shorts on him. He refuses to be put into his high chair most of the time (but does it perfectly for Daddy) and just runs around with a sour look on his face. I know the teeth hurt, but come one. Cut Momma some slack! He's asleep now. I drugged him with some of his decongestant. I generally try to only give him the medicine before bedtime, but couldn't resist today. He had Niagara Falls rushing out of his nose and I needed him to sleep for a while today. I need it. Lately his naps have started to decrease little by little. Some days he'll only sleep for an hour and a half. It's exhausting. I'm trying to come up with something for us to do today. I think I'll try the salt dough thing and make some stuff. I'm also going to make some buckwheat pancakes and much on those. Did I mention he's on hunger strike still? There's not much he seems interested in eating. Maybe the pancakes will do something for him. I like to substitute pureed fruits/veggies for the oil. Yum. Oh, and I mix some syrup in with the mix to sweeten it a tad, because I'm sure Adrien and syrup would get along GREAT!

So wish me luck. I'm incredibly bored and terribly tired. I have a sassy 15 month old to deal with. Gosh. But other than that, everything's dandy.

Here are some pics of my yummy apple pie from the other day. You know you want the recipe haha. So ask if you do. OH and also, we were sorting through Adrien's clothes he's grown out of on Sunday and we found his Tigger costume he wore for Halloween last year. He was smitten with it so we put it on him for laughs. He loved it! He ran around in it for quite a while. Too cute. I have to say, though, that a Piglet costume would be more fitting. Enjoy!

9 1/2 Inches of Pie Perfection

Too bad you don't have Smell-o-Vision!

Piglet as Tigger.

Oh, and Randomly: I taught Adrien where his nose is at. Subsequently, he's found how fun it is to stick his fingers in those holes there.

And since my random internet crap was a hit the other day, here's more [just for good measure].


Cool Fantasy Art

***Finding those sites are what my husband does at work all day. Must be nice LOL.


Kelly said...

Wow! That beast is magnificent! I must get the recipe..I must I tell you! Its so pretty..I am so glad you took photos. Isn't fun to photograph food you make? Well I love to, its fabulous. So do tell..ingredients please...???
Btw, that is a super cute picture of your lovey..Whats he gonna be this year? Jack was a kick ass cowboy sherrif last year. I taught him to tell eveyone "theres a new sherrif in town yo!" He pretty much just said 'yo!"

Missy said...

WOW! Look at that pie and that tigger!