Monday, August 20, 2007

Tattoos and eyeliner

Mom's night out went well. It was tons of fun...and although I didn't partake in the dancing, I did have fun. The original club we'd decided to go to was closed even though their website clearly said they would be open. It read:

One Dollar Wells
Open 9pm - 2am

What a rip, dude. So we went on over to the The Beagle -- the last bar we went to on MNO. The DJ sucked more ass than a colonic. Last time we went, the DJ was decent. This bar never has very many patrons inside, but the ones that do show up are definitely too cool to do any dancing. Our little group (sans me) was out their shakin' their groove thing. But like I said, the DJ was all over the place...slipping from Prince into a non-danceable Incubus song. What gives? And when asked to play some 80's music, he played some sort of early 90s hip hop. Lame. But it was fun nonetheless. I would also have to add that the shot I took was was like shootin' cranberry juice. Here's me, chillin' on the side:
On the way to Zephyr's (our original destination) a friend had heard from her brother about free parking. As we made our way to the supposed free parking area, an attendant said it was in fact $5 to park there...however there was another lot across the way we could try -- and it was closer to Zephyr's anyway. We got to the lot just in time for some ass with a pomp to be completely rude to us and inform us that we could park there only if we'd come inside and buy dollar drinks from them. He was truly a raving idiot. As we stood in the parking lot and discussed what to do next, pomp ass got into his ultra cool mini-van and changed from khaki shorts into pants. Meanwhile, he calls up someone and starts to inform them of the 11 "chicks" in his parking lot that will not go into his bar. He was spouting off some other rude-ass crap too. Somewhere in between, some tattooed up tramp with a pathetic arm tattoo came up to him and started to hang all over him and pout. In the background, however, some truck full of frat punks parked behind us, got out of their vehicle, and proceeded to walk to another club...did they get shit for parking there? No. We parked somewhere else and the night went on. A strange event occurred on the way out of pomp's parking lot, though. He lifted his shirt and flashed us his beer belly and man-boobs. I'm not sure what that was all about. Did he really think we'd want to give his club business after the way he acted toward us? Pompous is what he was. We proceeded to The Beagle where the observant stoner who carded me realized I was the tallest in the group. He later came over to us and told me, and I quote, "You should go dance...You're the tallest..." Not sure what height has to do with dancing...

Speaking of tattooed up tramps, My husband bought a one month subscription to Suicide Girls this weekend. For some reason, it doesn't bother me for him to look at those girls. I really could care less. I just hate it when he looks at other porn. He does feel free enough to look at it on his lap top while I'm on our desktop computer right beside him. Fine with me. I could care less. I like to see how weird some of the girls on there are. It makes me sad though -- I used to look like that. Cellulite and stretch marks have covered all the places I could get tattoos and piercings...and my former flat tummy has been replaced with something resembling this. *Sigh* I'm sort of glad I ended up where I am today...I was headed straight for fetish modeling in my former life. I sort of wish I had the money from it though haha. And at least I would have pictures to look at and remember my hott Bettie Page days. Oh well, que sera, sera.


Kelly said...

Cute picture! Sounds like you had fun..even with lame guys and sucky dj's.

Missy said...

Oh you look pretty hot to me. I am glad that you left the parking pimp guy. It is interesting that he pegged you for the dancer when you are the one that did not dance!

The Suicide girls are fascinating...I have no clue if my husband goes for porn or not. I am glad to be in the dark. He does however openly lust for Marishka Haggerty in front of me.

sane elaine said...

I will send you the other pictures of you from MNO... then your hubby won't have to pay for porn. That is the last time I leave you alone with my camera! It was a fun night & one of these day's I'm going to get you out on the dance floor!

Ralph said...

hey that icky fat blob is my artwork!!!

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

Hail to the cross eyed DJ! You will dance it is mandatory at the next MNO!!!!!!!!