Sunday, September 2, 2007

Stories and Sermons

Went to church today. Got up at 8am to cook breakfast for my Sunday School class. I think everyone enjoyed it. I cooked (what I'm calling) Cowboy Quiche and then I made some home fries. It was pretty tasty, although I think I may have overcooked the quiche -- slightly. Either that, or I should have just sprinkled the cheddar on top of the egg instead of mixing it in...I think the protein from the cheese made the outside a bit chewy all around instead of just bubbly on top. Who knows, but it was still good...the home fries especially. I mean, who doesn't love a big fat dose of potatoes that are chopped up and fried in bacon grease with some garlic and onion. It screams health.

Both Sunday School and the Sermon offered excellent teachings for today. I think even if you'd been a non-Christian attending you would have seen the sure relevance in the lessons. We're reading New Testament Stories from the Back Side in Sunday School. It references a story of an invalid man in Jerusalem who had been lying by a healing pool for 38 years. He had never once been able to make it into the pool while it was said to be healing (it was said to be "stirred by angels" and when this happened, the Jews rushed in and were healed supposedly). So anyway, this man was just lying there. Jesus asked him why he wasn't being healed, and he replied with sort of a whiny answer. He did what most people would do if they'd been in a crappy situation for 38 years -- he blamed it on someone else. He said he couldn't walk and hadn't been able to make it into the pool because no one would help him; and when it was time to get in, others would always step in front of him. Jesus told him to take up the mat he'd be lying on and walk. The man did so, and thus was miraculously healed. Jesus told them an to take up his mat and walk and go out into the world and sin no more. I should say that this was a Sabbath, and it was against the law to do any work. The figure heads saw the man carrying his mat and immediately scolded him for working on the Sabbath. The man then blamed his situation (once again) on someone else. He told the figure heads that it was not his fault he was carrying his was that man's fault; for Jesus had told him to "take up your mat." Jesus disappeared into the crowd. How is it that you would turn someone in to the authorities who had just healed you. Could it be because you're so involved in your own self loathing, that you forget what it's like think of others or be grateful? The author of the book raises a good question -- why wasn't there anyone to help the man to the pool for 38 years? Had this invalid been so wrapped up in his own plight, that he'd driven all of his friends away? We all have that friend. That one who sulks in their own pity long enough to drive even their closest kin from them. So what's the moral of the story? Don't be that friend. I know for sure that I've nearly lost friends before because I was that friend. It's easy to let your own troubles become so encompassing that you forget that you can begin to be a drain on others too. So I dunno, I think I will try harder to not get so wrapped up in my own sorrows every now and then. But anyway, it's a good story I think. Not to mention the fact that Jesus healed him, told him to not sin any more, and what's the first thing he does? He betrays the person who healed him! Goodness gracious! I mean, he'd become so involved in making excuses for himself and blaming his situation on others that it had become a part of him. I dunno...I just don't want my suffering to become me. Do you?

And then there was the sermon. Tom (the pastor) talked about the Titanic and referenced "Look out for Ice bergs!" as the title of the sermon. It was pretty much just about how God sends you signals and it's your business whether or not you heed to them or not...example: A ship in the area the Titanic was heading toward was calling out to any others in the area about ice bergs. Well, we all know what happened; warning not heeded...1200 something people dead. Only 800 something rescued. Would it have been that hard for the captain to pay attention to the signals others were sending him? So then I wonder what signals I'm getting sent, and what I'm not paying attention to. Even worse, what signals am I misinterpreting? Big signal number one: I was fired from my job shortly after Adrien was born. Obviously I was supposed to be at home with him. Then I decided to sell Mary Kay (something I'm not particularly good at) and it's not really working. I don't feel as though it fits me. I want it to, of course. But am I trying to hard to make myself fit into a mold I wasn't made for? Is God telling me that I should stop wasting my time and use the talents he actually gave me? Sure I'm not a talented cosmetic salesgirl...but I can rock the paintbrush. Not to mention that I'm a whiz in the kitchen and can whip up an outfit from a piece of cloth and some thread. So should I sell my make up inventory and buy art supplies? Could I actually make money from that? I wish I could -- but one thing is for sure: I'd at least break even since I can't make money from Mary Kay in the first place! I dunno. Maybe I'm just reading everything God is telling me wrong. I think this might keep me up at night now haha...but that's alright. I need the spiritual growth anyhow.

Sorry if this post was a bit preachy. I don't mean it to be. I just wanted to share some stories that really meant a lot to me today. And whether you're Christian or not, surely you can see the relevance and lessons of both stories. I think they both make excellent points...whatever deity you choose to follow (if any).


Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

Those are some things to ponder! :) I know I am not a sales type person but mary kay "people" make it seem so easy that you just feel you have to try. I think you owe it to yourself to at least pursue your natural talents and see what they can do for you money wise.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a good Sunday..full of growth and learning. I didn't know you can't make any $ selling the rest of your MK stuff. You should do what you feel the most comfortable with..if its watching Bobby Ross and painting a masterpiece..then ditch MK and hook yourself up with some paint and an eisel..if cooking is your thang...then continue with your culinary adventures, research the history of cuisine..and get yourself to WholeFoods and Bed BAth and Beyond and and purchase some cast iron and some exotic spices. You will feel so much happier. Do what you love. Stay for your babe, cook good food, paint fantastic pictures and the zen will come, my young greasshopper.

The Eckerts said...

I enjoyed the stories about your lessons on Sunday. I am always up for a good challenge. I'm in a similiar situation with trying to figure out what to do on the side. It's a tough call. I say if things don't take a huge investment to try then try it out and see. You never know what might stick!