Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My tongue was bleeding. I had to.

There are times in which you should bite your tongue. You should hold back whatever words are fighting to leave your lips, and have a little self control.

For instance, when an ungrateful bitch was going on and on about how she hadn't gained any weight thus far in her 17 weeks of pregnancy, I held my tongue. When she acted like she didn't know why and went as far as to blame it on stomach flu, I bit my tongue. She has no idea that I know full well she's on a diet: she told this to my friend other day, referring to her yet to be born spawn as a horrid child that would not force her to lose her figure. But I was strong, and played along...even when she said something about having a beer the other day.

I asserted the utmost self control when I overheard someone referring to non church-goers as living in sin. I held strong then.

I even managed to bite my tongue when I overheard a woman say of her two year old brat that she could go all day eating two crackers. I held back the words well if you'd offer her more than Goldfish and Vanilla Wafers.....I fought the urge.

I even showed a great deal of restraint when a little boy twice Adrien's age tumped over the Cozy Coupe he was playing in all because he wanted to drive it. I refrained from scolding the child too hard, even though my child had fell face first into the ground, cozy coupe on top of him, complete with with mouth full of grass. I simply dusted Adrien off, comforted him, and insisted that this hellish child apologize to Adrien -- which he did.

But I could not hold my tongue any longer when the same little boy who dumped Adrien out of the Cozy Coupe ran up to Adrien and threw him off of the trike he was riding and then promptly jumped on it himself. When I asked the hellish turd to let Adrien finish his turn, he told me flat out No! and rode away.

You're such a little brat! I yelled under my breath.

A friend of hell-boy's mother was near (who, by the way, saw the whole situation unfolding and said nothing to hell-boy) and I'm sure heard me say it.

Oh my God, I'm sure she'll report to her friend...Do you know what she called your child?

A Brat! GASP!

Oh, the calamity of it all.


Why I feel the need to often state the obvious, I'll never know. I do know that hell-boy didn't hear, but I am glad to note repercussions felt by his mother finding out. Some things need to be heard.


piper of love said...

Fear not flighty tongue biter! All the frustration makes for great posts!!

You are a great blogger, too, btw!
Rock on babe!

ps. Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog toots! You rock my world...don't stop! xo2u!

Candace said...

hee hee hee hee! wish I could have been there to hear it!!

Missy said...

don't bite your toungue too much or you will no longer enjoy food!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Haha at Missy's comment! Totally agree!!!!

So, playgroup DID provide the fodder needed!

I think I may have been a bit more vocal!

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

Sometimes you just need to say things! Also I CAN'T STAND parents that let their children run a muck w/ no supervision. Soooooooo..........maybe if she had been watching her child this would not have happened! It is just not fair, I always miss the GOOD playdates!