Monday, November 26, 2007

A Lead covered Christmas

It's been more than a little while since I last posted. But last week was hectic. Thanksgiving and all.

The holiday was good for us. We went to Andi's parent's house and spent it with their family. His mom didn't make any gravy, so I didn't eat any turkey or dressing (have to have gravy!), but everything else was great. There were more desserts than I could shake a stick at, and I'm happy to report that my two pies were the prettiest there. Everyone loved them...and everyone loved the duck I brought. Yes, a duck. We do one every year -- they're more moist than turkey and they're smaller. I feel kinda bad cooking one, because I like ducks so much, but it tastes pretty dern good. Especially with the orange glaze I use.

I haven't really been up to much other than cooking. It seems like last week was one big blur of making pie crusts and baking. Now that that's all over, I guess the Christmas bug has bitten a little. I didn't go out on Black Friday (I mean, why?) -- but I never do. We did get a little shopping done last night. It's so great that Adrien's still young enough to be drug along for shopping excursions. We got him a few things from the Disney Store -- all Cars related, of course. Today I went to Target. I needed diapers and wipes, and I thought Target would be as good a place as any because hey - I can get a drink and a snack while shopping. Plus they have a great toy section, and I thought I could do some browsing while there. So I did. I ended up doing some buying too.

As I perused the aisles of the toy department, I noticed little fliers hanging everywhere that read things like "Such and Such Toy Recalled for Lead Hazard; Effective June 2007" and whatnot. It wasn't just one. There were many. Plastered all over the section where I was looking at goodies for Adrien. Before I'd noticed the first one, I was looking at some sort of Playskool toy train with animals and was thinking something like "That would be a great present..." when I happened to glance down and see one of the fliers. I mean, it wasn't saying the train had been recalled -- but it may as well have. I thought better of the train -- and every other plastic toy in the place -- after seeing it. They were everywhere. And what's more disturbing is that they're plastered all over the toddler toy section.

To make myself feel better, I ended up getting a few of these guys for Adrien while there. He absolutely adores these little toys. I know they say that they're for ages 3 and up, but who cares. I don't really see them choking on one. He seemed to have tons of fun making them walk around on the shopping cart. All of these little animals are made in Germany -- and so I (most likely naively) feel safer with them vs. a Made In China toy. I'm just utterly scared of toys. Grossed out, even.

But I don't want to not get him toys for Christmas. Christmas isn't Christmas without toys! I mean, we shouldn't have to worry about this kind of thing. And the fact that our government can't even do anything about it? Well that just scares the bejeebers out of me. It confuses me a little too. What's our nation coming to when the government can listen in to our private conversations and blame it on National Security, but still doesn't have the power to recall or strictly monitor lead levels in children's toys. I have to wonder what the bigger security problem is here? Our children being poisoned -- or your neighbor Mr. Wilson being viewed as a potential domestic terrorist because he has a knack for the NRA.

So, I guess for now, I'm sticking with my German-made toys. But is that enough? If the recalls are all voluntary by the toy makers, then what's to say there isn't lead in every single paint or plastic coated thing on the market? In my mind, these little fliers have stained this holiday season with a nice coating of lead...and it's hanging awfully heavy on my shoulders. Should I trust and buy that front loading dump truck anyway? Or should I follow my over protective urge and spring for that $78 hand carved non-toxic wooden dump truck on Etsy?

Bah humbug...


Kelly said...

I know what you many things have been recalled. Lily had those AquaDots she got for her bday..
We like to buy the kids Playmobile..that stuff is made somewhere in Europe..good quality stuff. Lily loves it. Not sure if Adrian is old enough yet, but maybe something to think about in the future. We are trying not to buy things made in China..but its so hard..seems like EVERYTHING is made there.Lily is obsessed with w/finding out where stuff is made. She's constantly telling me this Hotwheel was made in Indonesia..and those..Malaysia..etc.

OHmommy said...

This holiday I am staying away from toys. Jay is getting a golf set, Lola is getting a balance beam, and the baby is getting some diapers wrapped up.

Im scared of toys... this year.

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

No Gravy? That's perposterous... one could say unAmerican! And oh, I love duck!!! Yum!

I hear ya on the toys. What's a parent to do?