Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthday cakes and Boutique Clothing

First of all, I'd like to thank the lot of you who sent congrats and positive encouragement my way. I'm very excited! I'm not even late for my period yet though, and somewhere in my mind I keep thinking the test was botched somehow. Or, there weren't really two lines there, we were all imagining it. Part of the reason I posted the picture was for reassurance that it was, in fact, present. Not just a little wishful thinking.

Already I'm trying to calm myself and look for the sensible outlook on the whole thing: Don't be too excited reason for celebration until you're a good 15 weeks. But that's no good. I've heard of lost babies and shattered dreams at all points in pregnancy, and damn it, if I've got joy, I'm going to feel it. I don't want to repress all of the happy things I feel. That would do not good. No, alas, I am excited and I am going to act that way. I refuse to let past events nullify feelings I would otherwise be obliged to indulge. So for now my mind is spinning with possibilities -- already dreaming of the name, gender, and all the comfortable maternity pants. But wait, I haven't taken any other test yet. So, for now, I'm still waiting to feel superbly excited. I'd be lying, though, if I said I wasn't just a tad bit overwhelmed with joy.

My email inbox is currently holding two e-vite invitations to some sort of children's boutique party/trunk show thing. I got the first invite. I really did. I just chose not to respond. Trite little jumpers and smocking with quaint embroideries is just not now I choose to spend my Saturday. Nor is it the way in which I want to dress my children. I mean, goodness...what century is it now? And how would one of those balloon-bottomed onesie type coverall outfits fit in with Adrien's little checked Vans? Not at all. So, I did get the first email. I forgot about it, really. It was of no interest. Then, today, I got a reminder from the hostess. She says E-vite is telling her I never got the invitation. Oh how unlucky of me. So she sent me a text version instead. I still don't want to go. Not too much luck having a turn out. Hope you can attend, her email reads. Damn that. She just had to do that. So I guess I will go nosh with her for a bit at her little trunk show. I can never say no, and she pulled the guilt trip card and all of that jazz. Plus, she ordered $80 worth of Pampered Chef in order to give me hostess credit. Hmph. I refuse to buy anything smocked though. Refuse.

Yesterday we had some friends come over in an early celebration of Andi's birthday. I made buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers (that will burn your mouth off), and some stuffed mushrooms. The food was so incredible. I ate all day long. Of course, I also cooked all day long. But it was so worth it! I really enjoy cooking for others. We all watched yesterday's Nascar race on Andi's brand new 42" flat panel, wide screened, high definition TV. Yes, that's right: he text messaged me Friday and announced that We should buy a TV. So we did. He insists that covers his birthday for five years. Ya right. Tomorrow is the actual day itself and I'm planning to make him a yummy dinner and bake him a great cake.

Yummmm....cake. I hope it turns out as good as his mom's.


Kelly said...

Ha how funny, I have never heard of such a gala where dressing your kids in early century clothes was the main event. Interesting. Ya for new t.v. Once you go high def you never go back!You become a tv snob..well maybe it was just me, We have a hi def tv in the living room(50 inch flat screen..its not a plasma though).I hate having to watch tv in the bedroom when Justin is playing his game or sucks major ass, there is no comparrison. The first time I saw high definition I thought it was freaking amazing. It was some woman doing the weather..and she was so standing in the living room, I swear she was right there!

Kelly said...

I am sending good vibes to you and rubbing Buddha's belly!~

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

We love our big screen TV! We were going to do the 42inch, but I told Rich to "go bigger" -- he only too happily obliged!

Happy Birthday to Andi!

And I hear you on the joy-apprehension. I've been there. I so relate! There were a whole series of events that occurred when I was pregnant with Sam that made it more difficult for me to just enjoy the pregnancy like I did with Josh. In the end, it all worked out!

Good luck!

Candace said...

yum on the food you made. I think I want to live with you.
And rock on about the TV! Best thing we ever did. Besides our kids.
We bought two actually because we can't watch on the old ones now. We're so spoiled.

bliss said...

the t.v. covers 5 years of birthday presents?

i'm with you: in the land of disbelief.

get it in writing! lol