Sunday, November 4, 2007

I hope this counts

Just got back from the Angelika. We went and saw The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Very good movie. Superb.

I hope this does not "not" count for my post today. I started to post earlier...but hesitated. I didn't realize the movie would start so late or be so long.

All in all it was a great anniversary. Went through the whole day feeling as though I was missing something. (Pooter)

Went and had the best barbecue for lunch. Shady Oak. Walked around a mall with an ice rink. Decided we'd be better off at an ice rink at another mall tomorrow (today, technically), when it would be a Monday and the hoards would be at work or school mostly.

Very excited. The mall where we're going ice skating at tomorrow just opened the fourth American Girl Boutique. [I have Kirsten] Very Very Excited. Feeling like a little girl again...a tired little girl...that's still missing something.

We'll get Adrien back tomorrow (today), though. I swear I used to be relish my alone time, and now I can never count the hours down soon enough until I am no longer a liberated adult.

Five dollars for what seemed like a gallon of Dr. Pepper at the theater. I'm strange, I think I went to the same stall in the bathroom each of the million times I had to pee. Andi got Twizzlers that he didn't even eat.

We ate dinner at our favorite little fall back Thai restaurant (once taken for granted) -- Royal Thai. Tom Yum Gai soup with sticky rice...something with beef and peppers for Andi.

There was some sort of screening and Q&A session in the theater with an actor from The Kite Runner before our movie started. It seemed like a clown car -- all the people that kept filing out from that place haphazardly. We showed up to our film a good hour early (maybe more). We just watched all the artsy types and strange ones that came out of the woodwork.

We both felt out of place in that urban, hipster setting. Some place I used to feel at home in.

Now I just feel older, out of touch, and not so "cool".


Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

Well, I am glad you had a good time, despite feeling old (for what I don't know) :) Did ya'll go to arlington parks mall? I went there for my first time this friday and didn't realize they had a ice skating rink!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

I hear ya on the "out of place" thing! It's a weird feeling isn't it?

And I LOVE Thai food! So jealous!

PS: Gave you an award on my blog!

Missy said...

We do not have ice skating rinks in our malls here....but we have them outside in the winter and we have lots of free standing indoor ice arenas for hockey, hockey, hockey!

Did any of that movie take place in Northfield,MN? That is where they take credit for the defeat of Jesse James. They celebrate every Sept with a festival, "the defeat of Jesse James Days".