Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm so sweet! (Nah...)

Thanks to Mimi, who awarded me this sweet treat blogger award.

She's really way sweeter than I could ever be, but her blog is so great! And she leaves the best comments ever!

I'd like to pass this award on to Candace because she's still NaBloPoMo'in it up even though she's traveling -- with two children. And also, just because I couldn't get through the day without her wonderful posts and support.

Also, I'd like to hand this little sweet treat over to Missy because 1) Her blog makes me laugh endlessly, 2) She is the best dern Paintbrush artist I know, and 3) Because she stumbled over my blog a long time ago and she's stuck with me as a reader. Let's hear it for loyal readers! Thanks so much, Missy!

Anyway, I'm so happy I got this award. It made my day. We picked up Adrien from Andi's parent's house earlier and he was hoarse and wheezy. Not sure if he's hoarse from crying and screaming a ton or from being sick. He'd been a bit congested, not much, but all the same had just started with a dry cough Friday or so. Lo and behold, we pick him up and it's an icky congested cough. We both have the same thing right now, all allergy induced. I really wanna take Adrien to the doctor and demand they do something. He would rarely be sick if it weren't for his stinking allergies that always turn into a more severe problem! I HATE it. So now the poor guy's all wheezy and whatnot. Let's just hope it clears up :/

But thanks for the award, Mimi! It was a pick up I needed. Our ice skating was thwarted today, as they were setting up the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the rink. That bummed me out. I only stayed a short while in the American Girl Boutique because I felt so incredibly dumb and embarrassed that I was just as excited as the 8 year olds shopping beside me. I could spend hours there, so let's just hope that I eventually have a girl. Then I can camouflage my doll-wielding desires. I did get to go see an exhibit of the 40 best covers and photographs from Vogue magazine though. It was great...some of them were from the early 1900s. Exquisite.


Missy said...

Oh thank you for the honor! That is so nice! Congrats on your award too!

Blog love all around.

I always wanted Samantha...I have yet to get her. I did have 9 Cabbage Patch Kids was probably overkill but you can tell by the current shape of the dolls that I loved them all equally.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Best of luck with your allergies. My husband is allergic to everything and has pretty bad asthma, I worry about him all the time.

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

You are more than welcome and deserving my friend!

And good call on Missy! I found her through you -- she cracks me up too!

Candace said...

thank you !!
can't wait to check out the other award winners as I know you have great taste!!!
I have managed to post daily but am much behind on my reading!
child crying now.... gotta go!
thank you!!