Friday, November 30, 2007

My Monkey

I fell asleep last night watching the Cowboys play the Packers (Go Cowboys!). It's no surprise that I fell asleep on the couch.

With no recollection of the preceding events, I woke up sometime in the wee hours of the morning in my king sized bed wondering how in the heck I'd gotten there. I really don't remember. I mean, I assume I went back there willingly -- and not that I was complaining. My pillow top mattress outranks our hand-me-down couch any day of the week. I was just confused. So confused, in fact, that I woke up Andi and asked him how I'd gotten back there. In his sleep, he mumbled something to the effect of you walked. Thanks, smart ass.

What's even more puzzling is what I realized next. I felt something fluffy and soft in my arms. I pulled my hands from underneath my quilt only to realize that I was clutching Adrien's stuffed monkey. Oh my gosh. I'd been cuddling with my son's stuffed animal lovey thing. I feel very grown up right now. Very grown up and confused. I had been having a bad dream, so I guess that explains the cuddling -- but why the heck did I bring it to bed in the first place? And was I cuddling it on the couch too? These answers we'll never know. But it gives me something to chuckle over.

I went to the OB yesterday and got to see the baby's heart beat. That's wonderful -- it's something I never got to do last time. I got to hear it also...It was great. The doctor said everything looks good. But then again, it did last time too. So I'll just keep praying.

In addition to the teensy tiny baby, the doctor also found something else on the ultrasound. He said he saw a fibroid. He didn't explain anything about it other than that most people have them and when I asked if it would be a problem with the baby, he said no. Of course (big fat hypochondriac that I am), I rushed straight home and searched it on WebMd. Everything that I saw was either very alarming, or very mild. Some information said that most people never know they have them -- other parts of the article stated the only way to ensure a bothersome fibroid doesn't return is to have a hysterectomy. There is another procedure that could be done to remove it, but for some reason, you can only have that done if you don't plan on having any more children. So it looks like removing it equals no more children. Hm. Lovely. Obviously it's nothing too serious or my doctor would have had a talk with me about it. Instead the whole exchange consisted of "You've got a fibroid..." and then he was looking at other things like the baby's measurements, etc.

All of the information I read said that they're not cancerous...but of course (hypochondriac) I'm wondering what would happen if it really is a tumor and not a fibroid. I mean, he's never said anything about it being there before, and I had enough ultrasounds done about five and a half months ago that they should have found it if it was there before. The information also said that most fibroids are slow growing. But it looked kind of big to me. I mean, a good few inches in diameter possibly (I'm guessing here). So, if it wasn't there six months ago and it's already that size, how the heck do they figure it's "slow growing"? Hm. I'm not a doctor though, so who knows.

We're leaving later today to drive about five or six hours away for a business trip. Andi is going to be working tomorrow, and his company just so happens to be footing the bill for the hotel for us to stay in. So we'll be in a super nice hotel (five hours away) tonight and tomorrow night. Please, Lord, let Adrien be in good spirits for the car trip. Please. I'm still bummed that they don't have an indoor pool though. Oh well, at least I'll have Monkey.


Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

So happy for you! I know you are a worry wart but I think if it was bad your doctor would say so. Also have fun and relax on your "mini" vacation! :) Can not wait to see you at the mall!!

Missy said...

Do not worry, just take it day by day and get the hell away from WebMD!!!

Seriously. For your own good.

I love the monkey story.

I have not awoken in a new space like that in a while, but I often go to bed before my husband gets home and sometimes I will talk to him in my sleep. I guess last night he kissed me hello and I turned and said, "I'm sleeping." and rolled back over. Sometimes I say longer and funnier things- at least that is what he tell me.

OHmommy said...

I too always run to webMD and find horrible things. I have a love hate relationship with website like those.

LOL at your monkey - that is pretty funny!

the Girls' Moma said...

I am often guilty of not remembering how I get to bed. That's always a funny story in the morning. But my stories usually involve excessive amounts of alcohol, which you didn't mention, so maybe I'm just a bad person and I should shut up now...

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Cute monkey story!

And so glad to hear the bumpity-bump of the baby's heart!

And about the fibroids... don't worry. I have some too. There is a procedure they can do to remove them with ultrasound or lasers or something that is non-invasive. But who knows if insurance will cover...

My best friend is TTC right now and they found she not only had fibroids, but 2 blocked tubes. She had them fixed and the fibroids removed -- uterus intact.

Seriously, they are NBD. If they dont' hurt, just forget about them!