Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Seven things meme

I've been tagged by Missy at The fill in the [prefix]-est thing I saw today to write seven things about myself. I will then, in turn, tag seven others. The other seven people I'd like to tag are:

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Much to do about nothing
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mix'd equally
The Things we do
Would you please date my friend?

So that was kinda difficult -- rounding up all the blogs I read. So here we go -- 7 things about me:

1. I really can't stand laundry that is clean, yet goes unfolded...however I hate folding it and am generally the one that lets it sit.

That is a basket of unfolded laundry sitting in my bedroom at this very moment.

2. I love Vans shoes. But I hate how much they cost.

Me and Adrien's shoes. Daddy has some too -- but they're at work right now.

3. I really don't care what I eat or how fat I get most of the time -- until I start to gain the weight.

I thanked my husband for bringing me a pint of Blue Bell's Rocky Road Ice cream the other night. I want to get fat, I assured him.

4. I like to indulge in girly things, but I'm a total tomboy.

I'd like to get a pedicure and then afterwards, I'd like to go camping.

5. I like really loud rock and roll music. My favorite memories are from being front and center at concerts...

That's a friend and I outside of a concert -- a very long time ago. I'm the one on the

6. I am a painter and I consider myself somewhat of an artist.

If you don't like that painting, please feel free to -- take a deep breath and...blow it out your ass.

7. I never wanted children -- EVER. I never wanted to get married -- EVER. But I couldn't imagine my life any other way and I thank God every day for my wonderful husband and superb son. I love you guys!


Farrah said...

Those were awesome! I love the Vans shoes and the painting. And the last one is my favorite. Thanks for tagging me. My 7 are coming soon... :)

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Oh that is so sweet... the last one...

Um, I LOVE the painting! I relate on the laundry thingy and the girly-things/tomboy thing...

Thanks for the tag... I'll be sure to get something up as soon as Sammy's better! And thanks for going pink with me!

the Girls' Moma said...

Oh my goodness! TAGGED! Ok, here I go!


Swistle said...

1) Your husband is a cutie.

2) Your shoes are awesome.

3) I am the same way about laundry.

Kelly said...

Wow, I have never been 'tagged' before..
I am working on my seven right now...
BTW..love the vans..and the picture of you and your boys..so cute!

Missy said...

Oh man, i toatlly agree about teh laundry! And the Vans! I love that your whole family has them.

You and your friend look ready to rock in that photo!

Thanks for sharing.

Candace said...

I love vans and never put folded laundry away.
did you buy baby vans yet??
my kids have matching ones.
I'm off to do my meme
but I'm changing it up a bit!