Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Poop Stamp

Max got out of the fence last night. I called the micro chipping company to report him missing. About 30 minutes later we got a call from someone saying that they thought they had our dog. They did. Andi met the guy at the elementary school across the street to retrieve the beagle. Thank goodness the guy who had Max was nice enough to want to meet us to return him at 11 o'clock at night...and nice enough to call the number on his tag. But seriously: I was so afraid he was going to get hit by a car. Ohmigoodness.

So anyway, Adrien and I went to the Arboretum today. It was so much fun! Generally when we go with the play group, we've always gone on Mondays -- Mommy and Me Mondays. Mondays are always packed. This time, however, we went with the group on Tiny Tot Tuesday and there were not many people at all. Generally the face painting line is a mile long, but today we only had to wait a very short time. Actually, I hadn't planned on getting Adrien's face painted at all because he's so little, but my friends talked me into it. I'm glad we got it done, it was too cute! It lasted for about 45 minutes or so until we went to play in the water fountains, and then of course it we running down his little face. It was cute while it lasted though. Take a look!

My little Punkin' head. Everybody say awwwwww.

The Arboretum was fun. They have pumpkins set up everywhere and all sorts of fall-themed decor. The flowers are, of course, great....and it looked like they were setting lots of new fun stuff up. From what I saw, it looked like they were getting ready to set up a little farm area complete with grain silo -- but I could be wrong. All the little kid-sized buildings of whatever they were getting ready to set up -- silo or no silo -- were wrapped in plastic and crews were getting ready to assemble whatever it was. So much fun. It definitely looked like Autumn, but it sure didn't feel like it. It was hot as all get-out.

So I was getting ready to leave for the Arboretum this morning, packing up a picnic and snacks; cutting up strawberries. I had heard some rustling in the living room, but didn't pay much attention. Adrien was busy watching The Koala Brothers in the living room. Suddenly, Adrien walks into the kitchen -- naked as a jay-bird -- and hands me his diaper...which is full of poop. I was astonished. Before I could grasp the situation at hand and dispose of the diaper, Adrien was on his merry way back into the living room to watch more TV or something. He was on his way toward my carpet. No sooner than I could grab him and keep him on the tile in the kitchen, he's already made his way onto the carpeting, apparently falling, leaving a poop stamp right in the middle of my floor.

What was it I was saying the other day about Adrien generally not pooping on my floor?

So I'm still recovering. Adrien is just dandy though. I don't remember if I blogged about it -- I don't think I did -- but Adrien had/has two ear infections. I took him in for his wheezing, and low and behold found out he had ear infections. Another round of Amoxicillan. Yay. He seems to be doing better. As for me? Although I don't think I'll be dying any time soon (from my gallbladder anyway), It sure as heck feels like it. I'm at least functioning now...and so far I haven't barfed since last Wednesday. I'm just getting these horrible, debilitating pains at the bottom of my sternum/top portion of my tummy randomly. They strab straight through to my back, and as it's worst travels all the way up my throat. I guess I should get in to see the doc...but I really don't want to. I'm going to have to. I only have three pain pills left for the pain -- and they're technically outdated...although they still seem to work. As you can see, it's been a while since I've been in for my gallbladder. I just get sick so frequently, I figure what the heck, ya know? About a year ago when all of this started, no doctor seemed to know exactly what do about it. As I said before, it was mentioned that I should maybe get the tiny useless organ removed...but I don't want to go through surgery. No fun. But this pain and nausea isn't fun either. Oh well, it's an easy way to lose weight.


Kelly said...

That sounds like fun! Your wee one looks so cute!
Ahh..poop, fun times yo! A long time ago when Jack was in diapers, Jack was sitting on Lily's desk chair at her desk and he tooted..no big deal..then I hear a noise..dripping noise..wtf? I look at Jacks diaper (which Justin didn't put on properly) and he pooped all over the chair and it leaked out his diaper and was dripping in a big pile on the floor. ON. My. Carpet. Ewww!
So funn to deal with poop huh. Oh and then theres puke. But hey, thats a whole other blog entry! haha

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Sounds like fun!

I love days like that -- unexpectedly uncrowded places...

And sorry about the poop. Been there several times!

the Girls' Moma said...

Ok, that picture is awesome. And the "pumpkin head" comment is CLASSIC.