Monday, October 8, 2007

Day at the Arboretum...again

We went to the Arboretum today.

No face painting this time, though. We'd (the mommy group) had forgotten it was Columbus day. I didn't even want to see the face painting line. The big kids were out in droves. There was a Eddie Coker concert going on too -- he was a riot! Schepps Dairy was there giving out free cartons of chocolate milk. Adrien got to have his first taste of this crack-for-kids. He loved it. Surprisingly, he managed to drink straight from the carton and not spill any. WOW. I'm not even sure I can do that, and I'm over 11 times his age. Check out some pics:

Chocolaty goodness in every gulp.

Here, Mom. You try!

I'm smiling because I'm checkin' out a hot chick.

We had fun. We visited the petting zoo this time and of course we got to play in the fountain. The fountain at this place is really cool. It has four humongous frogs at four corners that shoot water into the middle. In the middle there's a globe with other little things that shoot water up. The little ones have so much fun playing in it and getting all wet. Only in Texas would it still be 95 degrees out in October. Isn't it supposed to be fall? Remember the farm I said I thought I saw them setting up last time we went? Well it turns out, I was partially right. They have a hole walk-through exhibit featuring a "chocolate tree". There are different interactive stations that show the kids how chocolate is made from the tree all the way to the factory. You get a pass for a free sample of Dove chocolate at the end too. I guess that's a bonus.

I hope it starts to cool off soon. I bought some Perfect Autumn Pumpkin candles and other home fragrance stuff from White Barn Candle Company the other day. So now the house smells like Autumn -- but we still have the AC on 75. When will it end?

Everything here in the household is slowly getting back to ordinary (ordinary as in my own personal definition of it). I'm finally getting around to getting some things cleaned up (with the help of Andi, of course). I think I'm going to have to take Adrien back to the doctor though -- we've finished the round of antibiotics (last Thursday) but he's still tugging at one of his ears. I hate ear infections. I feel so sorry for him. I really don't want him to be in pain. But all in all, everything is good.

But really, I hope it cools off soon.


Missy said...

Oh he is so sweet!!! I would like some chocolate milk crack too.

Kelly said...

What a cutie! That place sounds fun. I know what you mean about the has been about 86 or so around these parts..but its been so dry..the humidity is so low and the carpet feels like sand paper. We went last night and bought another humidifier. Jacks lip split and bled everwhere,and my feet are so dry,no lotion is helping and they too are cracking open and hurting. What happen to that perfect fall/autumn day we had about a week ago? Sheesh..
BTW..that pumpkin idea sounds great! Actually my sister in law did that one Thanksgiving instead of making our tofurkey (when we were vegetarians) and she got the little pumpkins and hollowed them out and baked them, then she filled them with some sort of rice..or couscous,can't remember, then topped it with herbs and bread crumbs and put that under the broiler to get crispy for a few minutes. What a presentation too! I think your friend is definetly on to something! What a good idea..eating the insides too, fabulous!

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

ohhhh look at my little friend! He makes everything look fun! I can't wait to see you guys today!

Missy said...

I tagged you in my blog for a little meme.

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Very cute pictures! Sounds like a fun day!