Saturday, October 13, 2007


...Well that's my middle name. My first one too.

I've known about a speech I have to give at BOTH church services tomorrow (less than 12 hours away) for a month -- at least. Here I sit, with no idea what to say. I've been "guided" in a topical direction by both the pastor and by a member of the Stewardship Committee, yet have no exact words on the tip of my tongue; no type flowing from my fingers -- save this entry, of course.

I have a crap load to say, unfortunately none of what flows through my head is suitable for a speech at church.

I should take some advice from one of the shows Adrien watches and just Think, Think, Think. But I can't.

It's been an eventful day, to say the least, and I'm quite frankly pooped. All I can think of is I bought ice cream sandwiches. I bought ice cream sandwiches. I did buy ice cream sandwiches.

I've eaten one. Now I think I may eat another.

Food for thought.

And then there's this little (tiny, insignificant) thought floating about in the chasm of my temporal lobe:

I'm praying to God saying, "Please Lord, don't let me start any other day with a call to 911 because my son's leg is wedged between the vertical slats that make up his crib. Because, God, ya know? When I had to start today that way it really put a damper on my poor little son. It put a damper on me. I cannot stand, for my son's sake, another bout of hysterics whereby my son is trapped in any way and cannot be free, save by four medics at 8:43am. No, Lord, I cannot have visions of the jaws of life cutting through my son's crib again (when in reality it was solved by an allen wrench), for it is that those visions and his pain were far too much, indeed. Thanks for everything else, though. Thanks for sending the medics in such a speedy manner. Thanks alot...really. Oh, and I think Adrien would like to thank you for creating men to in turn create chicken nuggets and ketchup. Thanks for ketchup. Amen."

See? Procrastination. And yes, that's a true story. I'll blog on it fully, later. And no, there were no jaws of life.


Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

who knew we also shared the same middle name.......sisters in a past life maybe? :)

Kelly said...

Oh my..details, details! I hope your speech goes smoothly. I will rub Buddha's belly for some good vibes to flow your way.
Crazy to think of calling 911..must have been so scary. Good to hear everyone is ok. Well Adrian anyway..I am sure you are tramatized by the whole event. I know I would be!

bliss said...

so what happened? did ya do it?

what did you talk about? did they laugh? cry? gasp in shock and horror?