Friday, October 12, 2007

Blatantly B

So, I feel like my writing is slipping. A recent post by Candace at not that i don't love my kids has put into perspective my motives for writing. Of course I love getting hits, etc. But now I'm paranoid that I'm trying too hard. I believe I'm over thinking my posts -- most likely in this case too.

Anyhow, as a result, I was reviewing some of my older junk...the stuff I was writing like 70 some-odd posts ago. When I had literally 2 or 3 readers.

And here it is, Blatantly B. Blatantly bitchy, in most cases.

Attack of the UberMom
Corn Syrup = Poison
The Next Jane Goodall

I mean, all of my stuff rocks your socks, I know. But I've tried to boil it down to my utter best.

(Belly laughter ensues, followed me assuring you that I was JK, Yo!)



Stella and Thomas said...

I love the bitchiness! I have been lurking for awhile now :-)

Candace said...

I think you are a PHENOMONAL writer (i can't spell)
you have been an inspiration for several posts of mine. and you're young which means you are only going to get better. I know what you mean about overthinking! I tell myself to STEP AWAY FROM THE BLOG and go live my life and TRUST! Usually I end up writing something that had nothing to do with what i thought I would write. It's so hard to be prolific and consistently "deep" or funny or whatever. I love whatever you put out's a great variety.
so, thanks for the shout out too. I'm here to get your url and finally post my meme. and I've been meaning to put you on my blogroll forever but can't figure it out!!!!! I will try tonight. did you get to cre8buzz yet?? they have a good writing assignment this month from novembrance. check it out...

bliss said...

write on girl!

we don't care if it's not so nice some days.

i just like knowing what goes on in other people's minds and houses! '-)