Thursday, October 25, 2007

Purl -- like the necklace?

So, ya know, all of my bitching and pissing and whining the other day about not having a hobby? Well, I took matters into my own hands. And damn it, I'm going to learn to knit.

It's supposed to be relaxing, right? HA!

So the whole thing started with a trip to the local library. I picked up the easiest looking how-to book on knitting I could find. Learn to knit VISUALLY, it touts. Okay, visual I can do. Then I picked up some other book about like The Seven Steps of Motherhood...but whatever. Next stop: the craft store. I browsed the wall of yarns for the prettiest looking ones I could find. I got one marled purple and blue type yarn and another green yarn. I bought the respective needle sizes recommended for each yarn type. I was very excited. They also had canvases 2 for $5.99. Those went in the cart too. I need to paint, right?

I journeyed home where I put Adrien to nap and did the dishes. I could hardly wait to try my hand at knitting. I'd done a bit of it in textiles class in college. I sucked at it then. Maybe, I'd be better this time: I was really out on a limb here. Hopefull, even. The green yarn, that's what I tried first. It was too small and my cast-on stitches were to tight. I moved to a bigger needle. Trying over and over again, I could never get past the cast-on stitches. An hour later, I'd cast-on countless times and still had no rows to count. The purple yarn would be better. Yes. And indeed, it wasn't. Please note that just because yarn is pretty, that does not necessarily mean it's suitable for beginners. Quite the contrary, actually. This purple yarn has multiple widths to it. It looks a bit wonky, very erratically spun indeed. Back to the green yarn. Then Adrien woke up from his nap. I'd made no knitting headway.

Later that night, I could hardly wait for Adrien to go to bed for the night. I was (and am) determined to learn how to knit. If it kills me (which it might -- a friend of mine suggested I get a hobby not involving sharp objects). Two hours later, I had 5 rows complete. It was time to learn to purl, which seems to me like knitting -- but backwards. Anyway, it's supposed to be the opposite of knitting, whereby the stitches show on the opposite side of whatever you'd doing (henceforth, making patterns within the knit). One try and that and it was back to knitting. Better not press my luck.

So why knitting? Well, as stated previously, I had heard it was relaxing. I need to relax. I mean, haven't you gotten that I'm high strung already? Slightly stressed. I mean, who isn't? And then, I was on Etsy the other day and saw these wonderfully gorgeous way over the knee scrunchy sock/leggings. I thought they were too cute, indeed. Must have -- and they were something like $11.99 to boot. Had. To. Have. So I clicked, only to find out it was a knit pattern. I must learn to knit these wonderful creations, methinks. And alas, I did not bookmark these great leggings, and now I cannot find them...or I'd link you to them. But take my word -- they are amazingly eccentric and perfectly B. [Update! I found them! YAY! Here are the magnificent scrunchy stockings!]

So that was how it started. And it's going.

Please wish me luck and if you have any suggestions, let me in. I have to get past my fear of purling. Otherwise, I'll just be making nothing but flat, long, scarves.

Yay for hobbies, indeed.


Missy said...

Wonky! Ha! Love that word.

Congrats on your start in knitting!

I cross stitch because I am a little afriad of knitting. I did find it sort of relaxing when someone taught me once...but I never learned to cast off....

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

I learned to knit when I lived in Norway -- everyone there knits! It's like where it was invented -- okay, I'm making that up, but seriously, in class all the girls would knit At School In Class During Lectures!

So anyway, I learned to knit. I haven't done it in years and years and years, but then I read a book called "The Friday Night Knitting Club" which was just okay, but it got me to thinking about starting to knit again!

My advice -- get big needles that are attatched together like a big U -- only the bottom of the U is flexi-wire. That way, you knit a big circle/tube thingy and you don't have to Purl as often!

B said...

Thanks for the advice.

Missy: KNIT WITH ME! :) Every friend I've told thus far says "isn't knitting for old people?" Well I guess so.

And Mimi: Norway does seem to be like center of the knitting world. I've noticed. It could very well have started there. Must now Wiki it.

I saw those attached needles but was scared. Are they really easier? I must get some...and make my scrunchy socks! :)

AND big note to all: I've got purling down now! I am officially knit 1, purl 1 bound :0)

Kelly said...

Those stockings are so cool! I love those. it..I have like three different things going right now. I can't make anything..because I don't understand patterns and like Missy..I can't cast off. I have 3 scarf-ish things that are getting so long and I will eventually use up all the yarn. It is really soothing. i love it. There is a book called Stitch and Bitch someone suggested to me. But I learn visually. I need someone to show me..I can't learn just by reading it. I have read a million times how to cast off and I still don't get it. Theres even little pictures too. Good luck to you and your knitting odessey!

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

My mom owns a yarn shop so I have to promote her business! She has great yarn and project ideas!

Missy said...

Oh knitting is very hip amoungst my friends.

You are on the cutting edge.

I think cross stitiching is still for old people though, meh.

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

hey, I cross stitch :(

BeadKnitter said...

So glad to see you're learning how to knit. I've been knitting all my life (my Dad taught me when I was a little girl).

Take your time and relax. Your cast on stitches are too tight because you are tense. Knitting will get more relaxing as you get better at it. It does take time to learn and become comfortable with--just like walking did when you were a kid, or driving, or anything else worth doing.

Hang in there.

flutter said...

knitting is THE BEST. I had to have my mom teach me to purl because I was doing it all just so very very wrong. Once you pick it up? YOu'll be designing in no time