Monday, October 15, 2007

The people are coming, The people are coming!

I have people coming over tomorrow. Real. People.

I mean, people that I'm not all too familiar with. Our play group has these snazzy little Mini-est Member Play Dates, and tomorrow is my day to host at my home. I don't want to clean my house, but I have to. I mean, a girl can't really have people over to a dump, can she?

I want my house to smell nice and I want it to be nice in general.

But let's get this straight: I'm not cleanin' it to the bones. That will only serve to ensure that I have to tidy beyond the fullest before the next get together. And we don't want that, do we? No.

I resolve, today, to clean my home to the point of normalcy and not beyond it. I don't want these moms I barely know to think too much of me. I want them to see what I've got, not despise it, but not feel pleasant enough about the situation to want to stay all day.

At the last Mini Play date -- held at my friend Erin's home -- two of the members made it their mission to camp out all day long. They stayed from 10am to a little after 4pm...which is, in fact, ridiculous. I will have it be known that no one will be staying past 1:30pm, whereby Adrien needs his nap and Momma needs some breathin' room.

I don't have a perfect house to present. It's not decorated just so. In fact, I'd hardly count it "decorated". I have a few random things hung on the wall...a wrought iron cross on the wall in the living room, a painting done by Andi's grandmother above the mantle. I do have my mantle haphazardly decorated with various Willow Tree knick knacks and candles. But my house is not model by any means. The carpet has stains. The furniture is all hand-me-down (except our bedroom suite, which no one will see). My walls are all (for the most part, save the blue office) the same color off-white the builder slapped up on every surface. The landscaping that is out front has weeds and grass growing throughout it...but the grass is freshly cut and the sidewalk edged. My home is rough around the edges just like me: relatively new, but not all dawled up for the everyday event.

So I want to send the right message to these moms I hardly know (save one, Erin, who's a good friend): I am not perfect, my house is not either...and that's a perfectly planned affair.

I will be the happy hostess and serve pumpkin biscuits and cranberry-almond scones (yes, I'm ripping a Starbucks recipe off -- but better, of course). I'm not doing it to be June Cleaver. I'm doing it so they'll realize just how much culinary talent I have.

I want them to swoon.

And then promptly leave.


Childlife said...

Yay you! I don't believe in immaculateness either : )

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

u make me wish I could come just so I can snicker! :) Have fun and blog all about it!

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

Happy cleaning!

Sane Elaine said...

Why do you think I've never hosted a playdate! :)

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

LOL! That's part of the reason I don't host playdates!

Candace said...

why do people feel the need to hang out ALL day?????
every day??? let's have some balance here. How can I find time to blog if I have real friends to hang out with??? really, a few hours is PLENTY. Plenty of time for your house to become a mess again.

the Girls' Moma said...

Ok, so "cleaning to the bones" would really just set you up for having to do that every time, you're right. So I usually remove the clutter, make sure there's nothing dangerous around, and remember to re-plug the electrical sockets with those safety thingys. The kitchen needs to be clean, though, no dirty dishes out and what not. But other than that, it's the home of two preschoolers. Deal.

Jill said...

I remember the whole playgroup thing all too well. You would think these people were hosting a black tie affair, flowers, muffins, gourmet coffee. I appreciate hospitality and love to be pampered, but hot damn-I don't want to be forced to do this in my own home!!!

Oh, and screw disinfecting every surface. If they expect perfection you can weed out the a-holes immediately and only hang with people who you like.

bliss said...


don't forget to tell us all how it went. :-)