Thursday, May 1, 2008

Totally stimulating

Last week I went with a friend to a MOPS group to see this lady talk about children's brain development and how to stimulate their budding minds with outings. She was really interesting. I got some great ideas and info. She did, however, make a sideways comment on taking your kids to a mall play area for an outing. She said something like, "if that's your idea of an outing..." and something about "you can find something that doesn't involve french fries or red stuff to dip them in..."

Well, lady, I guess I'm just not that creative.

Today we went to the mall to play. And we ate (GASP!) french fries...with red stuff to dip them in. Actually, I dip my fries in yellow stuff, but that's beside the point. I just had to get out of the house. Over the course of the last few weeks, the outings Adrien and I take are mainly just to go grocery shopping and run general errands. Other than that, we (GASP! again) sit at home and mostly (yes, MOSTLY) play in the living room with the TV on. We do go out in the back yard. Sometimes. But you can only have so much fun in such a tiny space. I can only stand to dodge wasps and spiders for so long. And dammit if it hasn't been ridiculously hot out already this year. I'm having a hard time staying cool inside, so outside in humid 80 degree weather for too long is just out of the picture for this huge pregnant lady. So yes, today we went to the mall.

It was fun. The Chik fil-a was good. We had to leave the play area after about 20 minutes or so though because (as usual) Adrien decides it's a fun game to run out of the play area and into the mall so that I chase him. He did it twice, and on the third run out, we left and went home. That's okay, it was nap time anyway.

The cardiologist put me on an Alpha/Beta blocker not too long back. Because of travel, etc. I didn't get the prescription filled until this week. Two doses in, I had to stop taking it. It was making me jittery and my hands were shaking. On top of it, the fact that some online information stated that the medicine had not been found safe for use in pregnancy was unsettling to me. All information I read on the drug said that it should only be used in pregnancy when absolutely necessary. So then it's strange to me that when I called my cardiologist to ask about my horrible side effects, he said to stop taking it because I wasn't taking it for any "safety" hazards. Meaning, it wasn't a life or death matter. So why was I on the medicine to begin with? Oh well. The last dose I took was yesterday morning (it's a twice a day drug), and I still woke up this morning feeling dizzy. I feel a little dizzy now, actually. Oh well, it's a relief that I'm not on it, I just wish there was a safe and effective way to make my heart act right. So goes life...

Andi's leaving town again this weekend. He leaves early in the morning to drive 8 hours away with a bunch of guys from church for a men's conference. There's no doubt he'll have a ton of fun...but I'll be stuck at home by my lonesome for three days. He won't be returning until late Sunday. I'm definitely not looking forward to those three days. But goes life...

Monday is Adrien's birthday. Andi took Monday off to celebrate Adrien's birthday since he'll be gone all weekend. I don't know what we're going to do yet. We may go to the zoo or something like that. I want to do something exciting and out of the ordinary. That lady would be proud of me -- I'm sure zoos rank high on her list of stimulating activities.

Adrien's birthday party will be next Saturday. We did the cliche thing: got a bounce house. We'll have hot dogs. There will be cake. Some friends of mine from my wee schooldays will be coming into town to visit that weekend too!

And dammit, if my husband neglects Mother's day again this year, I may have to pack up and least temporarily anyway. Nothing's ever made me feel so shitty as last year's Mother's day. My husband had told me that he "didn't realize it was so important." Pssh. Well I'm getting all teary eyed just thinking about that.


OH and joy of all joys, my sister in law (Aerobics Barbie) just found out she's having a boy too. In September. Let's give a big cheer for the comparisons that will be made about our two kids. However, on the up side: she did NOT want a the discomfort she feels over that small matter is very exciting to me. I know, shame on me. I think they're planning to name the poor kid Jackson Cheslie (yes, Cheslie is the middle name). Not that I don't think Jackson's a cute name (I totally do), it's just that she informed me that she (under no circumstances) wants the kid to be called Jack for short. She'd rather have him called JC. Poor kid, he'll forever be confused with a boy band member.

I think I'll have to call him Jack.


Kelly said...

Hmmm... I kinda like the name Jack!
We personally dip our fries in white stuff.
Whats the big deal going to the mall and letting the kids play in that play area? They are getting interaction with other little ones, having fun and getting exercise all at once..seems like a win/win in my book.

Patty said...

Chelsie? really I kinda thought that was a girls name but IDK! Well toatally excited about next weekend!!!!!

Missy said...

Oh man! There is a lot to comment on there!!

1st: Bounce houses: best party element ever. EVER. Seriously.

The best birthday party game ever, in my opinion, was fishing for prizes! The dad was hiding behind the card board "water" and we "fished" for our gift bag treat thing. So much fun when I was 6.

2nd: I say better the mall than no where!

3rd: It is 80 degrees there! It is still 50 here...and pouring rain...

4th: A woman I do not like much is having her 3rd boy and she was bummed and I was a little glad too! Glad I am not the only one!

5th: JC, Jack, whatever...but Chelsie?!?!? Why??

Poor kid.