Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Movies, Barbie and Shopping...

It was such a long weekend. I mean, not that I'm complaining. It just wore me out a bit. What was supposed to be a one night trip to the in-laws ended up being a two nighter. It was great though. Adrien loves his grandparents. I wish he was as happy all the time here as he is when we're there. I just wish he'd sleep a little better there. Oh well.

Friday night the in-laws watched Adrien for us so we could go out on a date. We are so cinema starved that we went all out and saw two movies. We had dinner first, of course. I was sad that traffic was too bad to make it to Chinese, but we settled on salads at Olive Garden instead. Eh. I still want the Chinese. The waitress brought me Coke instead of peach tea as a refill, and I'm still wanting my peach tea, too. I love that stuff. Oh well. A girl can't have it all.

We saw Chronicles of Narnia first and then we sat through Indiana Jones. Narnia was great! We're big nerds like that [big kids too], so we love that stuff. Although my husband has read all the Narnia books -- I, of course, have not. So I'd definitely recommend Narnia. It does have a few parts that are kind of heavy for young kids, but if they can handle a little death and destruction in battle scenes, go for it! [Disney movies are allowed to show someone getting their head chopped off?!? AWESOME!] They don't show anything too harsh. Indiana Jones, on the other hand, I could have done without. I mean, it was a decent movie...but really. It took them that long to come up with that story line? It was far fetched at best [even judging by the myths surrounding the actual crystal skulls] and the story line was really shoddy. Given that it is, after all, an Indiana Jones movie, I'll say it was just alright. I mean, you can't expect an epic of great proportions. One of Andi's friend's put it best as mildly entertaining. But that was it for me -- mild entertainment [coupled with extreme discomfort by theater chairs that recline at an odd angle].

My niece's birthday party was Saturday. Other than my sister in law [Aerobics Barbie], I don't think I've ever seen so many rail-thin women in my life. My niece was turning 5, and all of her friend's mothers seem to share the same sentiment about food as my SIL does: It's apparently evil, not to be touched with a ten foot pole. On top of it, I was really looking forward to the water activities planned for that afternoon...but after sizing up Barbie in her teeny tiny baby bump, no stretch mark having, pregnant in a bikini self, I decided to let everyone else have the fun. I wasn't plopping into my larger than life maternity swim suit next to that. Andi said it was sickening to see his SIL pregnant and bikini sporting. But I have to admit, if I still looked that good, I'd be wearing one too...that is if my stomach wasn't as big as it actually is. She, however, looks like she drank too much soda or something. Is there really a baby in there? I guess Barbie does come pregnant these days.

And now today I'm left doing things I really ought to have done yesterday had I not been awakened entirely too early by a sleep walking toddler who was apparently trying to get into our air vent. I'm making my shopping list...which I always think will be the death of me. I try the whole coupon thing -- really. But it's just exhausting. Endless research goes into what I put on my list, and I always end up feeling like I've penned the check for my final resting place. What goes on the list stays, and when I check out, I gotta pay! I mean, it's brutal really. I hate paying for groceries! Not to mention, I'm just too picky to buy all the crap food. Coupons don't come out for the organic stuff. Ugh. Here I go again...signing my life savings away to the food mart.


Kelly said...

I hear you on the coupon issue. I have seen a few coupons in some health magazines and such..but in the Sunday paper its mostly the crap like you mentioned. my case if you have a severe case of pms, the crap food is sounding pretty good...;)

Patty said...

LOL TOO FUNNY Thomads and I went on monday and seen those same movies back to back and the went again yesterday and seen Ironman!

Sogeshirtsguy said...

HA mild entertainment it was for indiana jones. Just lots of ridiculous things happened in that movie but at least i wasn't expecting much.

Missy said...

Sleep walker! Oh no!

My darling and I like to see double features...we have even pulled a couple triple features. Love the movies.