Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Diggin' for dinos

Oh my gosh. Exhaustion.

I got back my trip to Mom's okay. Well, I mean, if you don't count my loss of sanity while there. It was a decent trip, but I spent most of the time flat out frustrated and exhausted. I got there late Wednesday afternoon after a chaotic trip with a cranky toddler who decided listening to the radio is evil. I mean, he didn't even want to listen to the Sirius kid's channel. Whatever -- I didn't either. But I could have at least used some good 80's music. Oh well. So I got there Wednesday afternoon and it was Friday before my Mom decided it was okay to "do something" with me and Adrien. What was supposed to be a Friday morning excursion turned into us leaving around noon and driving over an hour to the nearest biggish city (a suburb of Houston).

We took Adrien to a satellite location of the Houston Museum of Natural Science which, oddly enough, is located in a shopping mall. My Mom got a little frustrated because Adrien didn't want to stay still for a second and half to stand by the triceratops skeleton for a picture. I mean, he's two! What two year old wants to stand and pose for Grandma when there are things to explore? I think she was dually frustrated with me for not forcing him to stay put for a picture. To me it just wasn't worth the fit it would induce.

[On a side note, he was on quite the roll that day. I think he managed to get the entire restaurant to pay attention to him when we went to eat lunch. On the way to the museum he'd fallen asleep in the car. We'd planned to eat lunch before our museum trip, and shortly before we got to the restaurant he woke up with a bad dream. He was just in a bad mood. He was calmed down by pushing his stuffed monkey around in his stroller on the way to the restaurant, but there was hell to pay when it came time to sit in the high chair. He just didn't want to. He wanted to push that damn monkey all over the restaurant in his little umbrella stroller.]

Anyway, after the museum -- which he LOVED -- he got to dig for dinosaurs. This place has this awesome area with rubber mulch serving for dirt, and there are actual dinosaur skeletons (yes, I realize they're just casts of actual skeletons) to dig for. Although he didn't quite grasp the concept of digging for something, he totally gets the digging part. He had so much fun. At the end there was a "prize dig" and he got to "excavate" a toy dinosaur. He held that little dino all the way home -- where he finally took another nap.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the trip to the museum and dino dig because Andi had my camera with him in New Orleans, however my Mom did take her camera. As soon as I can get her send me some copies, I'll post them! Although she swears she has no access to the internet. Boon. Docks.


Patty said...

LOL sounds like you had fun

Anonymous said...

wow, I'm tired just reading that. Sounds like you had some fun over the trip

Missy said...

Oh my husband would love to dig for dinos!

Off to sing "Down in the boondocks to my cat!