Saturday, May 17, 2008

This Blog Sucks

So I'm trying to get in as much extra sleep as possible before the baby comes. And not that it's any excuse, but that's a huge reason why this blog hasn't been up-kept with as much finesse as it has been in months past. I mean, I do realize it's been lacking for quite a while -- did I even post for the entire month of December? I don't remember. There was one month that went missing. Anyway, this is my pathetic attempt -- in a roundabout way -- to say that my blog sucks lately. Seriously, it does.

I mean, who wants to read a blog with only one to two posts a week? I need to step it up, dude. And I will.

...right after I finish storing up my excess sleep for the long year ahead. This baby better sleep better than Adrien did. Oh wait -- any sleep at all would be an improvement. Adrien didn't sleep through the night until he was a year old. Seriously. I was a zombie for an entire year. That's hotness.

Other things that I think have lead to the decline of my blog is my lack of bitch. Do you remember a time when I was miss bitch? Hence the double entendre of my screenname -- b. Oh wait, you never got that? I had that whole anonymous comment bit and somehow I managed to back down a few months later. Nothing like some mean commenting to burst your blogger bubble.

On top of it, we all know I parted ways with my play group -- whom for some time held quite a place in my writing. I mean, what with all the character archetypes to be had and all. And who could forget Wholesome-living Guru? I mean, she was a classic for a while. But sadly, I've got not one left to make fun of now...and a constant stream of baby-blogging just bores the shit out of me. [And forgive me because I'm tired of sifting through my archives to find any Wholesome-living Guru posts to link to.]

So anyway, that's my laundry list of excuses for the apparently lacking of my blog. I think my blog is tired -- like one of those old ladies who hasn't changed her style of dress in decades. It needs a makeover.

My husband's a web designer...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Kelly said...

I love you B!! I totally dig your blog, whether it is making fun of wholesome guru or what was the other one..exercise barbie?? Or any random thing at that. I love your writing style..

Sogeshirtsguy said...

You got the sarcasm down which makes your blog a lot more interesting than most. Just keep posting and firing.

Darrin said...

You'll have LOTS to blog about soon. Content is key, so don't obsess about looks.

Andrew said...

I would like to comment, you need to get your husband off his lazy ass and make him do something for your blog.

Oh wait, I am your husband.... I'll do what ever you want me to.

Missy said...

Sleep! Sleep!

My blogs are lagging because I have NOT been sleeping.

Sleep for your family, sleep for you, sleep for me!