Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Showers go green!

At the OB's office today, I happened upon an issue of this magazine. In it, there was an article about how to throw a Green Wedding. I'm long past that phase of life, but a friend of mine just offered to throw me a baby shower the other day. Wondering how I could incorporate a green concept into the little shindig, I Googled. This is what I found. Leave it to a celeb to do it first. Not that I thought I'd be the first, but you know...

The concept of a second baby shower is taboo to a lot of people. One of my friends in particular thinks it's just downright strange and not normal [direct quote], but I think she's warming to the idea a bit more since she's also expecting. Down here in the south it's commonplace to have a shower for nearly every child you have. I think people here just like to have a reason to get together and eat, actually. But to us, every child is a celebration -- and that's the way it should be. Now, I'm not saying you go out and have a huge bash for every successive child you shoot out of your hooha, but you know...a little acknowledgment for the kid is in order. I also don't think you should go and throw yourself a baby shower either. I mean, if it's your first -- go ahead. But when friends of mine started asking when my shower was going to be, I would just tell them flat out, I don't know. I'm not going to be like, "Hey buy me stuff..." And I still refuse to do that. Had my friend not offered the other day, I suppose I just flat out wouldn't be having a shower at all -- and that'd be fine too. So anyway, a second or successive baby shower is thrown on eggshells in my life, I suppose.

So anyway, thinking of ways to make my shower eco-friendly is just so darn exciting to me...but I feel like a few of the tips (like asking people to not wrap in wrapping paper) will just be a pain in their arse. I already feel a little awkward having this shower anyway, so I really don't want to ask too much of people. However, it's my shower and is it really being absolutely evil to be eco-friendly about it? I already feel a little like I may have to take the planning into my own hands. The friend that offered to throw it for me hasn't even responded to a email I sent her about it a few days back. Granted, she did tell me yesterday she in fact got the email. Her first offer was to throw the shower (which, she mentioned as "nothing big", fine in my book) the first weekend in June. I thought that was just a wee too soon, and have asked for second or third weekend options instead.

I guess what I'm getting at here is this: It's a second baby shower. It's not supposed to be anything big, so is it acceptable to have a theme like "eco-friendly"? And why do I feel like it will be putting my guests out. I don't want people to be like "She's so damn picky. Why's this a big deal?" But here's the thing: it is a big deal to me. Adrien wasn't a planned pregnancy...not that it means he was any less wanted than this baby is...but it is different. The shower I got for Adrien was not ideal (and I'm really trying not to come off as ungrateful). A friend of mine threw the part for me last time and it was held at my absolute least favorite restaurant. It was a "surprise" party (that I figured out) and I had zero say in what happened at it. My friend had some of those kitschy overdone shower games -- that I really detest -- and there was this creepy clown working at the restaurant that attempted to make me a balloon figurine of a pregnant woman...YES! Don't ask, it was the single most disturbing thing in my life so far [It came complete with fetus].

Blah, so anyway. Do you guys think it would be too much to have the whole shindig go down my way this time? I'm feeling a tad bit uneasy with my friend being as busy as she is and offering to throw this shower for me. I'm just so afraid that it's going to fall by the wayside and end up like my last shower. All I really want is one good, normal life experience.

But I don't want it to make me Miss Fussy-Ungrateful-Pants. Am I being that way?


E is Me said...

I WILL SAY THIS AGAIN (for the 15th time)...I never said "every baby doesn't need to be celebrated"...I just think that having people come AFTER the baby is born to actually celebrate THE BABY is more the correct purpose of that statement "celebrate every baby". Having a shower and registering and stuff like you do in a shower (whether normal or not) is a celebration for the mom, not the baby.

Yes, I am warming to the idea...but not because I am expecting...I am not having a second shower and its been offered to me numerous times - however I am having a Sip and See, which I think is just the cutest idea! I am warming to it because its the way things are done down here. So - maybe its just the "TEXAS WAY" I'm warming to, and not the actual showers?!? LOL

Please make sure I'm invited, B...I would love to come to your eco-friendly shower. I think its a great idea, really I do - and its SO SO you!!


Sogeshirtsguy said...

B you gotta take control and get the shower you want to have even if it means offending your friend. The shower is for you and its yours to remember. Very cool that you have an eco friendly theme.

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

Hey I hope I get a invite! I have a friend who is preggers for second time (same sex) and her "simple shower" has turned into a 1000 whooptodo! Just to think I had offered to throw it, so happy things didn't work out that way LOL. I think a green party is cool. Hell honey I am the ONLY person in texas who didn't need a second shower.......or third....or OH heck, you get the idea :)

Kelly said...

I say let your friend know of the eco shower and see how she reacts..if she isn't up to that then take matters into your own hands..its YOUR shower..and a green shower is awesome..send out e-vites instead of paper ones..make some fresh, local organic appetizers...have a recycle tub at the shower..there are a bazillion things to do to make this a earth friendly shower..and it doesn't take that much more effort so hopefully your gal pals won't get all huffy puffy about it ya know..good luck and hopefully its a fabulous green shower...take pictures!

ashleyrpipins85 said...

I love your idea of an eco friendly shower; is an invite coming my way? The ideas that kelly left are great. Not sure if you have seen this website but there are ideas gallore

Missy said...

Eco shower! GO! GO!

I think you deserve a "re-do" shower because of the balloon pregnant woman alone! OMG! Mortifying.

Missy said...

Oh and this Yankee was just talking about the taboo 2nd shower today at work!

The thesis of the discussion was "hey, if your friends want to toss one for you, then fabulous!"

I had 5 wedding showers....all with different hosts who asked to host and different guests (and I begged my bridesbabes NOT to buy me gifts or feel like they had to attend them all). They were all very fun and intimate. It was a nice way to get to be with loved ones. I would do all 5 again...though I would skip the gifts because I was uncomfortable about that part and I should have stood my ground about it!

Ok, I am not sure why I wrote that, I feel like I should delete it! D'oh! Anyway, I guess my point is stand your ground and I hope you get to have a fun time and celebrate your growing family. It is important to note these big life changes.