Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!

Today was Adrien's second birthday. I can't believe he's two already! Seriously...where's the time go? By the time the next one is two, Adrien will be four! That's even more insane to me.

Andi took off work today for Adrien's birthday since he was gone all weekend. We originally planned on going to the zoo, but there was a 70% chance of rain in the forecast, so we opted for something indoors. And since Adrien's obsessed with fish, we thought we'd do an aquarium. Being such cheap skates, we opted for the $4/person aquarium here in town, as opposed to the $20/person one. I just figured it was cheap because it's owned by the zoo. No. No such luck. It was one room. With dimly lit tanks. They didn't even have all the tanks filled with fish. A good percentage of the tanks had "temporarily out of exhibit" signs on them. To top it off, half way through our little walk around the room, a huge group of high school kids came in and it was just too loud and crowded to enjoy what there was to see. Adrien did like the clown fish though. He got a kick out of Nemo.

After that we had lunch at Whataburger. Mmmmm. Their onion rings are phenomenal. Seriously, lunch was way better than the aquarium. After Adrien's nap we went out and picked up some stuff for his birthday party. Remind me why these things cost so much? It'll be fun though, so it will be worth it. I had to send reminder evites out today asking people to please not respond with a "maybe". We had a total of 17 people (counting adults and children) on the "maybe" list. That's just too big a margin. I need to know whether to have 10 favor bags and cupcakes or 20. I mean, there's a big difference there. So as it stands now, there actually aren't many kids coming to the party. But I'm totally cool with that because Adrien will get more time in the bounce house. We topped the day off with dinner at Olive Garden. Does it get any better than soup, salad and breadsticks? I think not.

My Mom didn't even call to tell Adrien happy birthday today. Well, she 9:15 tonight. She was totally going to call earlier, but you know. It's all about her and how hectic her day was. She just had one of those days. Just ask her. Oh wait, you won't have to ask her, because she'd tell you before you even knew what hit you. She's one of those people. I actually think I might do a blog series about her this know, with Mother's Day coming up and all. I've had some real peeves I want to blow off about my family lately. I think that might help. Oh, and my Mom just hopes that this is allergies she's getting...after all she'd just hate to miss Adrien's party on Saturday. But that's her -- always sick at the most convenient of times.

There were some positives today though. We were sorting some stuff at the house today during Adrien's nap and I found a box of souvenirs a friend had bought be a long time ago while he was deployed (yes, I'm speaking the military lingo). I've always collected foreign currency -- but mainly the coinage. He'd apparently seen it fit to get me nearly every bill available in Australia. I had a 100 AUD, 50 AUD, 20 AUD, 10 AUD and a 5 AUD. I checked the exchanged rate and took it to the bank. I made out really well! That was really nice of him! I mean, little does he know, but he's buying the new baby some stuff. Thanks, dude! Adrien had a good day, so that was good. He doesn't really know the extent of suckage caused by the aquarium trip. We also went to Target today, where I found a plethora or Mother's Day gifts for my Mom on the cheap side. I heart the dollar spot! She loves gardening, so I got her a spade, one of those three pronged hoe things, a set of garden gloves, a sun visor, shears, a matt for her knees and a package of "butterfly garden" seeds for just a few bucks. She better like it. But who knows, with her. Oh, and did I mention all the stuff matches? It's all color coordinated. If you haven't gotten your Mom anything yet, I'd say to check out the dollar crap at Target. I mean, what've you got to lose? Not money! You get a bunch of cheap stuff and throw it into a nice little basket, and SHAZAM! it looks fancy.


Sheila said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Adrien!!

I love going through the $1 bins at Target! You can even get gift bags there to put the great finds in!

Missy said...

Happy birthday!! Hooray!

Patty said...

Well HAPPY BDAY A!! Haley and I and TJ And Jace will be there, with gifts! cant wait!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Oh, I'm sorry I missed his birthday yesterday! Happy birthday little guy! I guess he's not so little any more, eh?

I agree the "17 Maybe's" is just not on. Seriously, do these people ever try to plan anything? I can't believe the number of people that either don't respond, or do so the day before. I mean there is some sort of planning that goes into these things, right?

Anyway, hope you have fun!

E said...

Happy Birthday A!! (2 days late...) J can't wait to play with you this weekend at your party! YAY!