Thursday, January 17, 2008

They drop like flies, man.

I've had the biggest headache for two days. I hate that when you're pregnant you can't take Ibuprofen. I take that crap for everything. Why? Because Tylenol never does anything for me. Ever. I swear, if I was just allowed one or two Ibuprofen, my headache would be long gone. But alas, it's not allowed. Caffeine hasn't helped either. Whenever I get a headache, it's always the first thing I turn to.

Today seems to be going about like yesterday. Adrien has already layed down for his nap today. Strange, actually. Generally he holds out until 2ish. Not today -- out at 11:45am. Happy day for me. You know what that means? Time to do the accumulations of dishes. Blah. That's exactly what I'd like to do. Gag.

We had another member leave our playgroup. They're really startin' to drop like flies. This is the whole situation I've been talking about lately. You know, the one that's cloudin' up my aura. That one girl was removed from our group a few months ago for starting drama and so she started her own play group. (I ran through this little history the other day) The other day the member that resigned was a friend of mine. That made me feel bad. The latest one wasn't really even an acquaintence. I'd met her a few times, but nothing too let-me-get-to-know-ya-like. And so this one leaving just annoys me. So yesterday she sent an email to our organizer saying that she was tired of the two-facedness, back stabbing, gossiping, etc. that apparently takes place in our group. She mentioned something like someone said "I hate her child" talking about another member. In all likelihood, it was probably me she heard say that. I don't think I'd use the word "hate" though. There are plenty of kids in our play group (mostly older ones) that I don't like. I generally just refer to them as "brats" though. So who knows what she's talking about. So anyway, this most recent girl has left our group to join the other group because she feels we're so derned two-faced. She's got another thing coming if she thinks the other group isn't just the same. The pot calling the kettle black sort of thing. Actually, the other group is the one starting all this "he-said, she-said" crap. It's all a load of bologna, and I ain't got time for it. Unfortunately, I think, it seems to have time to find me.

So ANYWAY...onward.

I've decided to compile a list of all the funny things Adrien does. He's so stinkin' quirky. I just want to have some of his little traits to read about in years to come when I look back over this blog to rehash the good ol' days before Kindergarten and PTA's. So I'm going to do that in a later post. For now, I think I'll go try to wade through the ocean of dishes I've let fester in my kitchen.


Andrew said...

you let dishes fester?

Kelly said...

I loathe doing dishes...

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Hope you're feeling better! I see this was a week ago... I'm so slack lately! Sorry!

I know what you mean about Mom's groups and all the Mama Drama that goes on. It really sucks. I'm so over high school... I don't need it from adults! That's why I stopped working!!! Hahaha

Good luck!