Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

It's been a month since I last posted. November was so forced that I had nothing left to write.

Not sure that I do now. I thought more readers may miss me. I feel so abandoned. Not really. Come on. It's a blog, LOL!

Anyway, I think something's wrong with me. I've been depressed I think. Just started I guess. I have eaten nearly two boxes of Little Debbie Swiss rolls in the a little under two days...well like, one box total between other people eating them too. My grandfather had a stroke, and while we're not close, it makes me sad. He's the last grandparent I have left living. His wife was out of state and he layed on the floor in his bathroom for over 30 hours alone. He apparently fell off the toilet while trying to give himself an insulin shot. The doctors aren't sure whether he had the stroke before or after the fall, but think it had happened long before. It was a slow bleed in his brain, but it's stopped finally.

I've felt isolated lately. From Andi in particular. From my family a great deal. I don't think I have anyone who is close to me. I rarely hear from my Dad and it seems like me and my mom's relationship is more distant by the month. Not sure who's choice that is, or whether it's mutual. Either way, it's not such a great way to start the new year. Too much to talk about.

Oh, and I suspect something that I can not talk about. I am just typing about it so that I can acknowledge its presence. And that is the extent of it.


Farrah said...

I missed you... :) And we have more in common than before now.

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

Glad to see you write again. Sorry to see things are not going good for you. You know my number and IM whenever you feel like chatting! You know me :) I never tell anything (no one to tell it to) LOL I love ya girl! Here is to hoping your new year gets better!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Oh B, I have missed you! I've been absent too -- November wiped me out and the Holidays were just too much! I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were. I was going to drop you and email if you had no post today.

I'm so sorry you're feeling a bit blue. How is the pregnancy going? Are you okay? If you feel blue, talk to your doc to get some meds. It will help!

I'm so sorry about your grandfather.

If you need to chat, you have my email!

Hugs! Mimi

Missy said...

I hope your grandfather's health has improved. I fell off the blog wagon, the real world just got too overloaded. I miss catching up with my blog roll though, so I am glad you are back.