Friday, March 28, 2008

This is my kid. And he's cute.

This is my kid. And he's cute.

He has peanut butter all over his face and crammed into his mouth. He eats it by the spoonful(s).

These are some sprouts from seeds I've been waiting to shoot up for a few days now. Adrien got this dandy little bucket with some seeds at our church's Easter Egg hunt. I planted them a few days ago and have been eagerly awaiting their surface breaking! I can't wait to see what kind of flowers they are!

I took Adrien to the mall for some play time earlier. Although the weather's been extremely nice and warm lately, today it made a turn for the cold and nasty. It's in the 50s and misty out. I got some Chik-fil-a out of the deal and Adrien got some play time. I also bought some sort of stretch mark cream. Let's hope it works. Psssht.

Tonight I'm going to a game night with some friends from church. Last month's was a ton of fun, and this month's theme is pajama party. So I get to wear my PJs (i.e. ratty old shirt and only pair of pj pants that still fit) and go play games. Breakfast food will be served. Mmmmm. I'm hosting next months -- what theme shall I choose? Hm. Got ideas? Let me know.

I've really been struggling with whether or not to try to potty train Adrien lately. You may remember this post from forever ago where I posted that he had expressed an interested in toilet training. I should have just bit the bullet and went full fledged then. He'd be done by now. But by my own laziness, I ended up directing him to go in his diaper because I got tired of having to go every 30 minutes.

So now, we still go potty when I feel like taking him, or by the occasion that he insists he go "wee wee". I just wonder if I could get him trained. I'd love to have it done by the time the baby arrives (end of July/first part of August), but I just wonder if he's really ready. I know he's fully aware of when he needs to go, etc, but it will be quite a while still before his body is ready to go all night -- or even through an extended nap time without needing a diaper. I just figure, if I still have to diaper him then, why potty train at all? He's already half way there, I just doubt that he'll want to poop in the potty. He seems quite fond of poopin' in his diaper, thank you.

I don't know. To train, or not to train...that's the question. Now that I'm not involved with the play group, it'd be a little easier. I'd be able to stay home for the week or two it may take. But then what am I supposed to do with him in public? He's not big enough (body wise) to use an adult toilet, and the only public place I'm aware of that has munchkin size pissers is the mall.

Blah. I don't know.

But, pancakes, here I come! I can't wait for game night! :)


Missy said...

Themes: Cheerleaders, hootenany, state fair! Oh! Do you have a fry daddy?

Meanwhile, what a peanutty cutie!

Melinda Zook said...

OMG, too funny. I bought one of those fold up potty things that you can almost fit in your purse. It is great too because then they don't have to sit on the yucky toilet!

BTW, adorable pic. I eat PB the same way : )

Missy said...

How about capitolism as a theme: monopoly, the game of Life, Trump, Give B all you money, you know, those kinds of games?

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Yes, he is cute!

And how old is he? I had both my boys fully trained day/night at 2 1/2. Rare, I know, but some kids are capable.

It did take some work with Sam... 3 days of being home, no pull ups, just big boy pants and the potty went where ever he did so I could put him on it when he started to pee.

I waited until I was ready. Sam was ready sooner. But, eh, they all get there eventually. If you're not bothered, don't rush it.

Hope Game Night was fun!