Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Keds of a Housewife

I went to my playgroup's Easter egg hunt today. Tons of fun, that was.

Out of the 10 eggs Adrien was allotted to pick up, three of them had prizes inside. What? I'm an organizer of this group and I still don't get it. He got lumped in with the smaller kids' hunt, and so I suppose the egg-stuffer decided that the little kids didn't need prizes in their eggs. Not that I want him scarfing down a ton of candy, but there are alternatives to candy that can be stuffed inside. Oh well, I wasn't asked to help with the event, so my two cents weren't collected.

Anyway, I feel supremely gypped for him.

Then I came home and made lasagna. I hope it turns out okay.

And all I can think of today is that I'd rather be here...:

...than here:

I mean, don't get me wrong. I love being at home with Adrien. But I just get all antsy and caged-up feeling. I got too many boundaries, yo.

Meanwhile, some bumpkin at the park today asked me where I got my "Keds." I replied "They're VANS, and I got them at the VANS store."

She looked really confused.


E is Me said...

Not that I want to challenge you on this, but we had 63 kids doing the hunt and one mom personally stuffed the eggs...if she would have stuffed every egg that would have been 630 eggs to stuff give or take a few. I for one am perfectly fine cutting her some slack on that tremendous task. I also didn't help (and am an organizers too) I am happy with what we got. :o) Don't get mad, I'm just expressing my opinion as well. LOVE YA!!

Kelly said...

This year i bought the kids little retro lunch boxes and filled them with some goodies. I put some chocolate in there..but i didn't know what else to I am putting Lily some jelly braclets and tattos ..I also found some organic lollipops and organic fruit leathers..and I am going to put beef jerky and trail mix in there..something different and they love that stuff..and they still get some sweets. What are you going to do for your kiddo? Got any other ideas? I just don't want to give them loads of candy..

Missy said...

I think some people use "keds" as a general word for tennis shoes. Kind of like "Kleenex" or "Rollerblades".

In Northern-most MN they call all diapers "Pampers".

Vans does trump Keds though.

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

I agree on the eggs. Totally not cool.

Good thing you said Adios to them, eh?