Thursday, September 20, 2007

Guilt with a side of fries. And supersize that.

What is it with this momma guilt everyone talks about? I mean, did someone have to label it? In any case, at least I have a name for all that weight I carry on my shoulders. Good gracious, I could be accused of bitching again...then we'd have a repeat of anonymous [see here and here for references to anonymous] again. Everyone gasp! I'm about to bitch.

Turn away, turn away.

Things I'm currently feeling guilty about (although the list is ever growing):

  • Allowing Adrien to eat as many puffs, goldfish, raisins, and crackers as I do.
  • Eating meat.
  • Eating pizza for dinner tonight.
  • Drinking so much caffeine.
  • Not cleaning near as much as I should.
  • Not wanting to clean near as much as I should.
  • Spending money -- on anything.
  • Not giving my husband sex more often.
  • Not wanting sex more often.
  • Enjoying the internet entirely too much.
  • Really wanting one of those Hostess cupcakes my husband insisted on buying.
  • Not changing Adrien's diaper more often sometimes.
  • Not bathing Adrien more often (he's not filthy, come on!).
  • Feeling guilty.
  • Buying non-organic milk. Although I do buy milk sans rBGH.
  • Buying mostly non-organic fruits and veggies, because hey, let's face it: The grocery stores here have zero selection when it comes to organic produce.
  • Feeling like I don't play with my son nearly enough.
  • Allowing my son to watch television (omg, I'm rotting his brain).
  • The occasional trip to McDonald's I take..that I swore I never would.
  • For wanting a hair cut.

I know there are about a bazillion things I'm leaving off.

It's no small feat that any of us go through our days carrying this around and still manage to pack a few kids around on our hips with diaper bags, strollers, and the occasional dog to-boot. Not to mention the husband.

Hercules has nothing on us moms. We kick ass...

...and then feel guilty about it.


Catherine said...

GREAT POST! You are so right - we perform amazing feats of wonder, and yet its never enough.

Did you pull that list directly from my brain? :)

bliss said...

ooooh honey! if i listed all the "bad mommy" stuff i've done, i would be writing for hours.

if it's a list of plain ole naughty, i'd be writing for weeks then i'd have to go into the witness protection program! '-)

Farrah said...

I could have been reading my own guilt list, if I actually took the time to make one. Thanks for your honesty. It is refreshing and humbling to know that so many mommies struggle with the same things. I really think we and our culture put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve perfection. All our kids are looking for is that we are authentic with them, not perfect. We/ I need to learn to extend to ourselves/ myself the same grace that God and out kids do.

P.S.~ I found you through a friend's site. :)

Stella and Thomas said...

How about...I do something that I have wanted for waaaay too long (like get a haircut) and then feel guilty about it. I felt guilty for wanting it and feel guilty for doing it.

Great post!