Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Don't make me do it!

Seriously. Why does it cost a small fortune for a good hair cut?

How's this for thrift? I could get that old school punk thing going like I used to.

I will post my decision along with pics if I'm brave enough to endeavor.


Kelly said...

I took Jack to the barber shop for a new do. It was only $7. Prior to this I was taking him to the 'hoytee -toytee'(did I spell that right?)kiddie salon and payed a fortune. The old Italian men did a far superior job, and, they so totally rock...except they were wearing way too much cologne~ Whatcha gonna do to your hair?
I was seriously considering asking the the fellas to whack mine. I am trying to grow it long, but it just ends up being put up in a half ass bun anyway..