Thursday, April 3, 2008

Feelin fat

I went to the OB yesterday. Astonishingly enough, I'd managed to gain 754930264.6 pounds since my last visit. Okay, maybe not 754930264.6 pounds. But enough. Enough to make me slightly saddened about it. So what'd I do yesterday? After I got home, I ate some cookies and creme ice cream. That sounded like a good solution. Made me feel slightly better.

So the doctor apparently just now noticed that I'm "measuring big". I mean, everyone with eyeballs has noticed now humungo my stomach is. So he did an ultrasound. Very exciting. I apparently have an excess of amniotic fluid. He says "It's more than we like to see, but still within the normal range." Whatever that means. I couldn't pry any info about it out of him since I'm still "normal," so I did what every curious person does, and I Googled it. Wow. Shouldn't have done that. But I'm still normal, so that's good. The up side is that I got a 3D pic of the baby yesterday! Yay! As soon as my husband gets it scanned in for me at work, I'll post a picture. I have to say though, I think he looks just like his brother. I mean, not that I thought he wouldn't.

My church's women's retreat is this weekend. I'm on the planning committee. Yay for me. I'm so involved and all. No, really I am. Anyway, I'm leaving tomorrow around 10amish to go drive two hours to wooded peace and quiet. Everyone else will be enjoying bottles and bottles of wine and other various adult beverages, while I'm over to the side sipping some soda and gaining another million and a half pounds munching on snacks. Anyway, it should be tons of fun. There'll be crafts and fellowship and nap time and nature and watching other people get drunk. I mean, we are Presbyterian after all. Somebody better bring Oreos.

Andi's going to see the Nascar race that's in town on Sunday. He's going to drop Adrien off at his parent's house so that they can watch him while he's off having a redneck of a good time. Seriously though, we're not rednecks. We just like fast cars. So everybody wins and we're both getting a break. Adrien will get to hang out with his most favoritest person -- his Pawpaw.

I probably won't get to blog again until Monday. Or possibly Sunday night. I'm sure everyone will miss me oh so much.


Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

I will miss you! BTW 'B' your neck is very white, not red at all! LOL

cyndy said...

Wait, you have various adult beverages at church functions???
Where do I sign up?

Sheila said...

Hi B! I followed you here from "The Things We Do".

When I was pregnant with my son, people kept asking me if I was having twins. I even had to *politely* remind the nurses that I was indeed only carrying one child. I was carrying extra fluid due to Preeclampsia... that and I had such an appetite! Total pounds gained in that pregnancy - 70, so do not feel bad. All that matters is that you and the baby are both fine! :)

Kelly said...

Oreo's are ridiculous expensive! At Ralphs yesterday they were $4.19..WTF??
I'd say get some StarBucks MudPie Ice cream for that price...

piper of love said...

I will! I will miss you oh so much!

You know that you are beautiful no matter what you 'feel' like. You are blessed, and you pretty much rule... what's more beautiful than that!

Your supposed to get fat when you're preggers, make it happen, thats an order!


Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Oh, I was gone too ... did you miss me as much as I missed you?

And clearly cookies and creme icecream was the right choice. What's a girl to do?

Frickin' Google.