Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Double Trouble -- Squared

The goop appeared on Saturday. Green goo at the corner of his eye. Nothing horrible, just a persistent appearance of a green glob. Remember what the doctor said a few weeks ago about the appearance of some fluid in one of his ears? I chocked it up to a bi-product of an ear infection. Adrien's eye was mostly fine as long as he was awake. It's just when he wakes up in the morning -- or from a nap -- that the goop is really prevalent. Monday it took over both eyes. Surely it couldn't be pink eye. Surely. There was no pink in his eye. After all, I remember clearly having pink eye and my entire eye was red and inflamed. His just weren't.

After a few nights of getting little sleep (actually, I got plenty of sleep -- my husband suffered through and slept on the living room floor with Adrien), I called the doctor. I was just so sure it was an ear infection. And now with both eyes extruding green nastiness, I was sure it was two ear infections.

The doctor confirmed the ear infections. Double whammy. Don't ask me why he insists on getting so many of those darn things. [Although I will say this is his first ear infection in about 6 months, so that's a record that's Guinness worthy for him] One look at the eyes and she knew what that was all about too: Pink eye. Apparently there was a little pink in his eye. Apparently the strain going around isn't horribly bad. Lucky for him I guess.

But really, what'd the poor kid do to get two ear infections and a double case of pink eye? It really, really stinks to be him right now.


Missy said...

Oh no! Gunky eyes! Poor guy. Poor Mom and Dad!

Kelly said...

Yikes, poor kid..ear infections are the worst. Blah..and top it off with pink eye.. hope he feels beeter soon. Try some mullin or garlic oil..they are both natural antibiotics.

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

I hope my baby gets better! congrats on the jeepn also!