Thursday, February 28, 2008

The audacity of it all

I got an email from Kathy today. All this time and now she decides to come to me.

She didn't teach at Wednesday night church last night like she was supposed to. Pain in the ass, actually, because the director and I had to step in. I think it's such a sheepish thing to do; she says she was sick. I'm sure she caught something from Adrien.

Anyhow, this is the letter she sent:


First off, sorry if I went to Linda to ask her opinion about the vaccination issue. Monica told me to do that. I actually was going to talk to you first. Guess I shouldn’t listen to others on that and go with my gut. As for why, after you had told me, I did some research and talked to my doctor and a few other nurses. They were concerned about babies in our church that do not have all their shots yet, to be around an unvaccinated child. I am not that worried about Harrison, he’s had most of his shots already. And, obviously most worried for Adrien and hope nothing happens, as it probably won’t. If something were to happen and a baby in our church got really sick (which it could), I would feel horrible for not saying anything if that parent would have wanted to know that. It almost should be your responsibility to tell other parents of babies…and let them make their choice on it. But, there is no policy or anything on that in church, so really there is no solution. Since you told me and Monica, it was out there. After I found out how serious it could be, it worried me for the others that might want to know. That is it. Monica and I had talked about it and she persuaded me to go to Linda and see what she said. As far as my mom, she thought we all knew and she was curious why someone would not vaccinate. She did not know about the % of people choosing not to. So, my mom said to tell you she is sorry if you are upset. She in no way meant for that to happen. But, my mom is concerned as well for the babies not immunized.

I am just concerned for the safety of the newborns and babies in our church, in case something does happen. That is the bottom line.

I have nothing against you at all, that is your opinion and decision and I respect that. I just disagree on putting others at risk without them knowing, not on not giving the shots. Do you understand my thoughts? Sometimes we have to agree to disagree and that will be this time.

Take care,


I'm still contemplating what exactly to write back to her. It has to be just right, ya know?


Erin said...

Wow, that is so frustrating. She reminds me a whole lot of my grandmother--super passive aggressive. Sweet as sugar on the outside, but secretly stewing on the inside and raising hell behind your back.

While this lady may not have meant for it to blow up into the monstrosity it has become, she certainly can't claim total innocence or pawn off responsibility on other people. Good luck with your response.

Missy said...

Godspeed in writing a good response, or better yet, speaking to her about it. It is nice that she wrote you.

I don't know about you, but sometimes written communication gets me all riled up and I get too up in arms.

I will have to research this pro/con vaccination issue more myself. I am not sure about othre places, but here you have to have certain vaccinations at certain times to be enrolled in public school. At the University I work at, health sciences graduate students have to have all kinds of vaccinations, even malaria and things like that that most people only get when they go abroad.

Is it right to have those mandates?

Is it fair to force that on someone's body?

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Well, on one hand, I give her credit for coming to you and trying to explain her reasons.

But on the other hand, I agree with Erin -- she's being passive aggressive and trying to put the blame elsewhere!

Good luck!