Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chocolate milk pusher

So I got my Jeep. Super, super excited. I got the black one. I have never had anything so nice in my entire life. I love it!

Haven't had a whole lot going on this week. Yesterday I took Adrien to a local Sonic to play on the equipment for a while. That was fun -- until it started sprinkling briefly. It was pretty windy, so we left after about an hour or so. Since the weather was so iffy, I ran through McDonald's to grab some lunch on the way home. Yes, we played at Sonic but ate from McDonald's. Sonic has the outdoor play area and the weather yesterday was so nice! It is today as well. It's overcast and warm. Although it's a tad too humid for my liking, I am enjoying the warmer weather. I haven't had to run the air in the house for the past two days. I love warmer weather when I get to save on the electricity. Right now I have the windows open. It's so nice!

So anyway, I'm waiting in the enormous drive through line at McDonald's and when it was finally my turn I pulled up to the window. I ordered my food and then ordered Adrien's. I was going to get him the cheeseburger happy meal with water. Easy enough, right? You'd think so, but no. As I proceed to order "The kids meal with a cheeseburger and water to drink..." I'm stopped mid sentence and asked "bottle water?" I say "No, just a cup of water." [I have to explain that Adrien likes the cups with straws. Also, who trusts a 21 month old to run around with an open bottled of water?] Anyway, onward with my story. So I simply request a cup of water. My teeny tiny request was met with a barrage of argument with the lady saying "The kid's meal comes with a drink. Why don't you just order apple juice or chocolate milk? It's the same price." I tried to explain that I was aware of that, but would still like to have the water -- in a cup. She met me with more argument. Broken down, beaten, and really stinkin' hungry, I ordered a chocolate milk. I just didn't have the fight in me. This lady was determined that I wasn't going to get my dang cup of water! I realize that I was paying for a "drink" and not getting it. I made peace with that long ago.

Is a cup full of water that hard? It's not like I wanted a dollar knocked off my bill or anything. I realize that McDonald's isn't the healthy choice for lunch, but when I tried to make a healthier decision with water to drink, I was argued with!

I mean, really. Water. In a cup.


Kelly said...

Congrats on the the car!!! Totally on board with the food blog too. :)

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Yeah, I hear ya... I can't believe how rediculous it can be.

And congrats on the car! Awesome!!!

Jessa said...

Congrats on the Jeep! They are nice, aren't they?

I can't believe she wouldn't give you a water. Call the 1-800 digits and they'll send you free stuff for your hassle.

Jessa said...

My ex-husband worked for corporate McD's, they had restaurant surveys on their business cards even. Despite the fact that half the employees could care less about their jobs, the corporate office handles complaints really well. Calling the store doesn't do much good, but calling corp. should net some coupons of some sort.

Missy said...

Wow. Just Wow.

You are really a trouble maker huh?


Congrats on the new wheels!

Stephe said...

You know, this is my thought on the whole thing...

If I was working at the fast food place (which I'm not) I'm assuming my pay wouldn't be that great and I'd have to be very frugal. From a financial standpoint, maybe the employee thought you weren't getting your moneys worth. When you have to scrap for everything, little things like this really matter. It would just seem insane to them. (I get what you are saying though)

My question is, couldn't you just get the juice or milk that came with the meal and then ask for a courtesy cup of water. Then save the milk or juice for another day, or even throw it out.

Granted, I wasn't there. Maybe the employee was extremely rude. I don't know. I probably would have argued with you. (in a nice way) to get you to do the above, ie save the milk or juice. I definately would have given you the water too.

Anyway, breathe...

Pick your battles...let this one go.

(fyi, I know you can't tell the tone sometimes of a poster...mine is all nice!)