Friday, July 25, 2008

Dropping in

So today is the first time my 2 year has taken a nap in a week. Since he's been home, he hasn't been napping (due to doctor's appointments, or whatever) and so therefore he hasn't been sleeping well at night. My poor husband's been sleeping on the couch with him every night just about, because he wakes up wanting to sleep in our bed. With Jude rooming-in in our room, that would just be a disaster. So out to the couch they go.

I'm hoping to be able to blog more as time goes by. I'm nabbing a little bit of time today to type up a bit for you guys. Jude's doing well. At this point, I think he's sleeping better at night than his big brother. His eating is just great! Breastfeeding is going well for me this time, and it makes me feel super guilty for not trying harder to succeed with Adrien. When we left the hospital, Jude had some jaundice that ended up getting relatively bad. On top of the normal jaundice baby's get (which his level was only 6 at discharge) our blood types were different, and apparently that makes it worse as my 0+ was attacking his B+..but we've resolved that matter. I think his peak bilirubin (spell check, y'all) level was 14.5...but that was last Friday and on Monday it had dropped to 11, so we're in the clear. He's finally starting to turn pink and not look so much like I dropped him in a vat of fake tanner.

This past Wednesday I had to take him to the doctor to have his circumcision looked at (it was pretty inflamed afterward and we had to use an antibiotic cream -- that BTW, the insurance wouldn't cover because he hadn't been on our plan for 30 days -- um, HELLO! Newborn! Whatev.) His wee-wee is all taken care of now. This morning I found that his belly button was bleeding. A call to the doctor assured me that it's fine as long as it doesn't continue to bleed. So let's keep our finger's crossed.

So everything is going along just great! As soon as I can post more, I definitely will!

Thanks for all the well-wishes! :)

Love y'all!


Kelly said...

HI you!
Good to hear things are going smoothly for you.
How is Adrian doing with Jude?
Glad your back!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Hi! Good to know things are settling in.

I promise it gets easier.

Or you get used to the chaos!