Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm going to shove the game up her....

Christmas is all gone now, and I've got to wait until next year for more joy, cheer, and Santa. Our tree is still up, but it's lingering about like a washed up relative does around the Christmas buffet...no one knows why it's still there and it's not going away on its own.

Teething has turned my sweet baby into a fussy, drooling monster on sleep strike. He sleeps decently at night, but napping? Well, that's out of the question. And on top of everything, he now bites me during every feeding. He got his first two teeth when he was only four months old, and now he's going to have six teeth by the time he's 6 months old. He's currently getting in four on top. And mind you, breastfeeding is expected for the first year.

Adrien is sitting on the couch in his underwear. Yes, underwear. The big boy kind and all...complete with lightning McQueen. Please lord let him stay dry. The couch can't afford another pee spot. If the cushion covers get washed one more time, I think they might fall right apart. So far so good. But, so help me, if I have to wash poop out of those teeny whitey tighties...well. That's another story entirely.

So Christmas is over. We're on to New Year's. My head is full of resolutions that I'm sure will be broken a day or two in. I suppose I'm just not a very resolute person. I do have other attributes though. I guess.

In case you were wondering my Mom did come for Christmas and she did bring said video game thing. It's entirely too advanced for him. It's for ages 3 and up, and while I tried nicely to urge her not to get it, I guess she just had to. He didn't make the fuss about it Christmas morning like I thought he would. Thomas the Train actually did win him over. But it's the fuss he's now making to play the darn thing. We got it out finally Sunday evening and low and behold, it's too hard. It takes either me or Andi to actually play it and he mainly watches and pushes a button or two every now and then. It's just too hard. So now my days are also filled with fits about playing his games. To top it off, my Mom bought him a Shrek game to go with it. The Shrek game is for ages four and up, so I can just imagine how incredibly above him that one is. Her reasoning for getting that one? Well they just didn't have any ones for the younger age group left at the store. Oh come on! Oh well. The thing came with a game anyway. But whatever.

I guess that's what Grandma's are for, eh? Causing havoc with the grandkids and getting the privilege of walking away from it all. Seriously. She is not my favorite person right now.