Friday, October 10, 2008

Anybody out there?

We've been in the sticks now for a few weeks. I get like zero time to do anything...odd since you'd think I'd have more time (seeing as I'm living with my in-laws). But the internet here is slower than Methuselah...they live so far out in the middle of nowhere, that just to get internet -- other than dial up (people still have that?) -- is satellite. Slower. Than. Methuselah.

We found a place to move into, but the kitchen is being remodeled right now and it won't be ready until November 1. Which is fine. It's a duplex built in the 1930s, and all in all we'll have more square footage in the duplex than we did in our house back in the city. We'll be living downstairs from a doctor. It's in the nicest neighborhood in town. Can't wait to have my own space. And OH. My. king size bed. Four people sleeping in a bed that's supposedly queen's like we're sardines, really.

We went back to Dallas about two weeks ago to turn the keys over to our new tenants. We went a day early...only to discover the house had been broken into sometime the previous week. The back door was kicked in. And I guess they had a temper. They kicked a hole in the hallway wall. I assume it's because they only made off with a cheap electric drill. At the end of it we were left with a hundred dollar hotel bill for the night, cops who took no fingerprints, etc. and major repairs to be done -- the day our new lessors were to move in. Very, very exciting...and odd to see someone else moving their things into my house. A bit heartbreaking...but I'm trying to remain optimistic.

Andi loves his new job so far. Let's keep the momentum going. I'll blog again when I get a chance. I'm going to be doing a redesign and a possible URL switch soon, but that will likely not be until after we get into our own place.

I'm so bored with this blog. Do I even have any readers anymore?


E is Me said...

I check EVERY single day hoping to hear how things are going for you. I care because you are a good friend, but also because you are SUCH a good writer! So you are informative as well as entertaining!! We miss you VERY VERY much :o(. SO glad to hear things are looking up now and you are thinking "optimistically"!! YAY for that! Love ya!

Sheila said...

Hi B, I'm still here! It's kinds scary to think about someone breaking into your old house - good thing you weren't still there.

Best wishes for the new place (and better internet service)!

Rantings by a Middle Aged Drama Queen said...

I check everyday also B! LOL.........Glad to hear you are doing ok (all things considered). Hope to hear from you again soon.

Jessica McBain said...

Hey Girl I totally read!!! Since we can't talk on the phone I have just been hoping you would post so I could hear how y'all were doing. Can't wait to see ya again. Love ya!!!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Hi! I'm here! I was beginning to wonder how you were doing.

Glad to know you're settling in okay... sorry about the house being broken into. Sucks.

Glad Andi likes his job. Hopefully you'll be settled in your new place soon.

We're here when you have time!

Farrah said...

I don't always comment but I visit frequently. I love your honesty and raw emotion. Plus, we have a lot in common (2yr old boys, a baby, and a beagle! hehe!).
Sorry to hear about your house. I am praying that your new situation will be a blessing to you and your family.

Kelly said...

Hey B!!!

I am here..
I check often and wonder how things are going for ya..
I miss your posts!!!
hope you and your boys are well...


Caffeine Court said...

You sure do have readers lady!